Monday, September 25th 2017

Britney’s saviors? Kevin Federline, her Mom, and her lawyer

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We love surprises. And nothing reveals them better than the spiritual journey we all go through when we struggle with something painful. Rehab, therefore, is definitely up there among the great journeys one can take in life.

So it’s wonderful to hear, if true, that Britney’s lawyer, her stage-parent mother, and gold-digger-soon-to-be-ex-husband Kevin Federline may have stepped up to help struggling pop star Britney Spears along.

Of course a Big Gulp dose of skepticism is needed here. Lawyers and mothers are master manipulators. Federline, of course, belongs in the hall of fame. He’s already positioned himself masterfully for his upcoming custody fight with Spears (with a big assist from Spears of course). No doubt one or more of them have publicists in the game. Their motives are not entirely pure.

But as with much gossip, there’s could be a kernel of truth in there somewhere…

Let’s hope so. These three are not a trio most of us would not choose as companions in life. But if they’ve truly “stepped up to the plate,” then Britney’s rehab is the story of more than just one person’s journey. Bad times, when they don’t break us entirely can sometimes reveal–even nourish–strengths we never knew we had.

To the degree there’s some honest impulse to help a fellow sufferer in their actions, the ones these three are saving could be themselves.

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