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Is your ‘essence of being’ the same thing as your ‘inner child’?

The Indian poet Nachi Ma’s view of a child’s wisdom isn’t the street-smarts in Slumdog Millionaire.  It’s a theory of consciousness

childSPECIAL TO SOUL’S CODE: NACHI MA — I feel that there is lot of wisdom rooted in childhood that is ignored, or not recognized because we never assume or look that way.

When a child is probing us with open, transparent eyes perhaps he is not looking at us from mere innocence perhaps there is something more there.

Maybe we need to look at it not in relation of being an adult to child but with an inquisitive mind to let the beauty and truth inside a child be revealed to us.

This poem is about the child in us all . . . the inner child that we carry . . . no matter what our age.

happy-children1Being a Child

Sometimes I wonder if this innocence is born out of unknowing

as the spiritualists say, or is it the other way?

Perhaps we are meant to be this way. . .

completely trusting, loving unconditionally. . .

seeing whole heartedly, what is

And not with derived motivations and conclusions drawn in

Maybe as the time flows, we move further away from this truth

As we become adults, we give up this essence of being. . .

thinking that it isn’t born of wisdom earned

If only we could rest all our doubts and embrace what is

That we are a precious child of God, we shall always be

As Nachi explains:My poems are reflections of my heart. It’s a small and simple sharing in all senses.  One’s inner truth is more beautifully and honestly put through the work of the heart than any outer identity. I share my poems in silence . . . in love of everyone and everything.  Namaste.”  More of Nachi’s poems are on his site, Heart-Whisperer.

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11 Comments on “Is your ‘essence of being’ the same thing as your ‘inner child’?”

  1. A great poem. That is a very simple reminder to truly look at the wisdom our children bring us with their innocence and pure hearts.

    Thank you,

  2. Hi Nachi,
    An honest reflection. I always cherish the WONDER of the WORLD from the eyes of my inner child. Thay way every moment is soemthing exciting and eventful and playful.
    Our maturity should NOT result in killing of our inner child.
    Good peom.
    Keep it up.

  3. This is so true. What is happening to people these days are they are all too scared to recognise their inner child which makes them so uptight and stressed out. This is because we are taught from an early age to be and act like an adult at all times.

    Allowing your inner child in or even out helps you to focus on life and learn again to laugh but really mean it. It is not good to keep your inner child locked away.. Many people do and it does so much harm to them.

    Obviously some people do keep their inner child locked up as they have had a troubled life along the way and are really scared of letting it loose but in time they will heal with help. Others can do the oposite but they too will heal in time with help also.

    Love, light and Blessings to you all.


  4. i am a child, i always have been and i always will be! what changed is the parameters of what is expected of this child- obey the law, pay your bills, be a responsible person...i have done all those things but i refuse to let those who prey on our fears take away the child i am- life is full of wonder and beauty but it's also fun...

  5. What a lovely line: "If only we could rest all our doubts and embrace what is."
    That will be my mantra today and tomorrow at I turn 49 years (still not ready to leave childhood behind). Thank you.

  6. this poem really struck home for me because i feel that children are the purest expression of what we are and what we can be...they shine with the gifts that we show up with when we are born...what later is basically beaten out of us by society who wants us to "behave" and buy stuff we don't need.

    my inner child is right out there...for good or for bad. usually good, but not always ;)

  7. Isn't Jesus reported to have said "Unless you become like a child you cannot enter the Kingdom."? There is an truth in the child-mind that we have to recover in adulthood. Perhaps it's a necessary project - losing then regaining, but I believe it is essential to develop a "Child-Mind" and to choose to live in that awareness.

    Thank you!

  8. Beloved Nachi ~

    Thank you so much for blessing this page with this beautiful wisdom. I love your poetry!

    Every sage will say, "Go back the way that you came." That Field of Innocence and Purity is still within you and has forevermore remained untainted by worldly experience. It is absolutely indestructible, not matter what life situation you have had to endure.

    Like a diamond buried deep within the ground, we have only to sweep off the dust of the divided mind to realize the Truth. In fact, that Field is who you really are ... the very Heart of God. We could say that you are Love's child.

    In the old world, we thought children belonged to the family of origin. In an awake world, we realize that as future stewards of Life on the living earth, children are in fact a universal responsibility ... and such lovely and wise teachers.

    Thank you Nachi!

    Only This Love ~ Katie Davis, Author, Awake Joy

  9. I was touched by your words too, thank you Nachi. When my first grand-child was born, I held her in my arms and we connected straight away, she brought this this purity, this all compassing love, she has brought me such joy, she resonated with my own inner child, the child that is always ready to enjoy this wonderful and beautiful earth and all humankind; the excitement, the wonder, the joy! Yes we all carry it inside.

    What a wonderful day to be alive!

    Thank you.

  10. This is a wonderful poem, thank you Nachi. If only we could all see the world through the eyes of a child. As we become adults, the innocence disappears, but I will always try to keep my inner child inside me...:)

  11. Dear All,


    Thank You so much for Your Appreciation.

    I am so see a simple expression of heart..
    receiving so much Love and Light in return.

    I feel very Blessed, Joyful By All Your Words of Warmth.

    Wishing You All A Blessed Day Ahead,

    With Warm Regards,


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