Tuesday, October 17th 2017

Spiritual Surf: Dr. Phil trolls for trash; Match.com pays millions

Dr. Phil, the official mascot of Oprah, has a permanent page on the site for his own TV series called “Be on the show” to solicit victims to air their soiled psychic baggage — and boost his ratings. Is it any wonder that people like Gavin Newsom and Lindsay Lohan go mad in this mad, mad world that Dr. Phil helps make more mad?

We excerpt brother Phil’s language whereby he seeks to facilitate an episode about marital discord and reconciliation. Direct quote, courtesy of Dr. Phil:

“CA ONLY: Know an Evil Bitch?

Do you know an evil bitch? Are you married to one? Do you constantly get in arguments over who’s more evil – you or them? Does it drive you crazy how nasty this ‘evil bitch’ can be and you want Dr. Phil to put them in their place? Tell us your story.”


And this is the icon to whom Match.com, America’s largest dating site, pays millions to serve as a brand and guiding light for hapless members trying to hook up? Answer: Jerry Springer’s and Geraldo’s true heir.

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