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Déjà vu: How the spirit reaches out across time and space

What is déjà vu? Is it repressed memories of times past, or something greater? Radio host and author Sandy Andrew offers a radical, spiritual view

memorysmallGUEST COLUMN: SANDY ANDREW — Have you ever found yourself in a casual situation when, suddenly, your consciousness flashes back to a memory that seems impossible to be valid?  After all, you have not experienced this situation yet, so how on earth could you have a memory of it?

This unique sensation is one our culture has labeled déjà vu.  But what is it exactly?

Is it a memory, a premonition, or just a confused state of mind?

In my case, I experienced déjà vu significantly for the first time when I was eleven years old as my mother told me she was not going to be living with my dad any more — they were divorcing. In an instant, I knew that I had witnessed this exact same scene before. But how could that have been possible? I never had an event in my young life that remotely resembled this in terms of a similar memory.

Like my discussion with my mother, most common experiences of déjà vu will happen while you’re, for example, chatting away to a friend in a restaurant, speaking about a serious topic, which results in you have a startling sensation of recognition. You think, “I’ve heard this before . . . but I couldn’t have.” You try to focus on the memory and it melts away. How this recollection can be possible is the question many people ask, and I hope to explain.

Can science alone explain the phenomena of déjà vu?

brainA French researcher, Émile Boirac (1851–1917) was the first to use the term “déjà vu” in his book, L’Avenir des sciences physiques (The Future of Psychic Sciences).

In recent years, déjà vu has been subject to psychological and neurophysiological research. One explanation of déjà vu is that it is not an act of premonition or clairvoyance, but rather an anomaly of physical memory from the human brain.

Recently published material from scientific research implies that the brain produces memories from the hippocampus region. A small section of this is called the dentate gyrus and is responsible for “episodic” memories which stores information that allows us to tell similar places and situations apart.

The dentate gyrus records a situation’s audio, visual, smell, sense of time, and other characteristics for the body’s future reference. When there is low performance from the dentate gyrus, the supposed memory problem of déjà vu occurs as the brain has difficulty in telling the difference between two extremely similar situations. In other words, the brain is not storing the lifetime memories well enough.

Apparently, as people age, déjà-vu-like confusion happens more often. It is also a frequent occurrence in people suffering from brain diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Let’s explore an alternative view

413_ancientstars1For many, déjà vu appears to go deeper into our psyche than brain oriented memories do. When you experience déjà vu you certainly can feel an emotional and unquantifiable sensation that is fundamentally different to remembering a lost memory, or sorting out information in your brain of who, where, what, and when an event transpired. Déjà vu just feels profoundly different than anything else we regularly encounter.

But, how can our human brains lose or distort memories of a foreign land, person, building, or tangible item that we have never seen before? And then, how can this distortion create an experience of a five to ten second déjà vu sensation where we experience very clear and concise memory flashbacks to our present surroundings?

The human brain holds memories and information, but only from this lifetime on planet Earth. Remember you reside in a dimension created of billions of other galaxies with trillions and trillions of star systems. And don’t forget your spirit (consisting of mind and soul) that most historical religious figures, from Jesus to the Buddha, have discussed.  I don’t believe that your spirit is devoid of all knowledge and memory, otherwise there would be no point to the eternal life if you retained nothing.

The relationship between spirit and déjà vu

My theory is that déjà vu comes from the spirit. It is a result of premonitions prior and during life on planet Earth. Your brain, which operates like the memory and processor for the human body, latches on to these pre-witnessed events and attempts to process them.

You can focus on a normal or forgotten memory when you recollect it. However, when you try to focus on a déjà vu sensation you can’t. Simply put it is because it is not of this earth . . .  and neither, fundamentally, are you. Déjà vu comes from the spirit, not from the human brain, thus the memory functions of the brain do not apply.

The recent scientific research and other historical studies into the déjà vu phenomenon have my utmost respect. I firmly believe that as humanity on Earth moves forward into the 21st century we have to fully embrace science and all of its incredible findings — good or bad. However, in regards to déjà vu, I do not feel that science has the definitive answer to explaining this phenomena.

So, it’s up to you to brainstorm, debate, and discuss déjà vu until you come up with the answer that makes sense for you. And Soul’s Code is the perfect forum to do just that!

sandyRadio show host and author of the Universal Learning Series, Sandy was born in the Scottish town of Paisley. Sandy’s previous article for Soul’s Code is Gut feelings guide us to our Soul’s Code.

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8 Comments on “Déjà vu: How the spirit reaches out across time and space”

  1. Is it possible that deja experience actually tuvey vu experience?

  2. I really ENJOY the feeling of deja vu, and the only problem is that it doesnt happen ENOUGH to me.

    I'd like to think that it is a memory from a past life that left a lasting impression, strange to think that in a past life I may have experienced the same situation or was in the same environment as I am in THIS life...

  3. Great article by Sandy!
    In fact, Sandy and I have met before! I was a guest on his radio show recently, Universal Learning. We spoke of business and spirituality. There is link on this page if your interested http://www.mickquinn.com/mick.quinn-audio.htm

    I think the article is very good. I experience deja vu on a regular basis. As with any study it's important we take perspectives on it that includes the four irreducible aspects of reality, the subjective, the inter-subjective, the objective and inter-objective (I, We, It, Its from Integral Theory). Sandy covers two of them here, the subjective, and the objective (scientific). We must also include the fact that deja vus are culturally molded (inter-subjective) and the society (inter-objective) in which greatly affects our ability to express such phenomenal occurrences.

    One last comment... Sandy said: "I don’t believe that your spirit is devoid of all knowledge and memory, otherwise there would be no point to the eternal life if you retained nothing."

    I ask here which 'I' is speaking. Small-self (ego) or Big Mind, Big Self (spirit). As those who have tasted non-duality, in meditation for instance, spirit is seen as self/Self, known to be complete full and always empty simultaneously. This is something the limited mind cannot grasp.

  4. Personally I would have to say it's a spiritual phenomena.. I have often had dreams of places or happenings and then a few weeks later I would have that experience in real life.. Usually small things like things people would say or places where things would happen...but it's never anything major.. Just small things which are really insignificant but still carry enough weight to make me a believer... I'm a very spiritual person so I'd have to tie the origin of this phenomenan to spiritual routes instead of scientific ones.

  5. I agree Deja vu stems from spirit....
    I'm Australian but now live in Egypt and wow I've had so many Deja vu moments here, and many of those in reverse :)
    Also I've found as I live out some deja vu moments that I saw them previously in dreams many years previously but in this life time...
    I honestly feel that they help alleviate fear and help us come to a deeper understanding and sense of trust in both our own knowing and immortality!
    After all we are spirit wrapped in human disguise!!!

  6. I have an idea that it is more probable that it is alternate existing realities in parallel dimensions where that situation is happening and somehow they intersect or communicate or merge for a moment....I'm not really sure exactly what happens but it would make more sense to me that it has something to do with parallel alternate realities with your counterpart. According to quantum physics we have hundreds of parallel realities going on all at the same time.

  7. From my own experience and those close to me, De'ja'vu comes from spirit. I agree with Sandy. One could also describe the experience as tapping into Universal Mind either from past memory or a future occurance.

    Ever since the spirit fully grounded itself into matter, individuality/ego and a limited physical body, that which it freely had access to in the long ago past has been in most people absent. More and more people are consciously tapping into Infinite Mind as they evolve in consciousness, particularly during the present evolutionary cycle.

  8. I have been experiencing deja vous that last over 24 hours. I recall some dreams when I wake up in the morning. Then, exactly 6 months later, I live through exactly what I saw in that dream. What people are saying and doing. What I am thinking and feeling. What I will be looking at 6 months from now I see, at night in my dreams. I dream it first, then see it in my awakened state later.

    Deja vous in my experience is exactly that, 'seen before'.

    Seems like many of us do it quite regularly.

    And then many try to explain it away, (as have I), because it does not fit in their current understanding of how the world works.

    Now I have many questions. How is it possible to 'see' something before it happens. And then watch it come true in real life. Is life just a recorded movie we are living through playing our part? Are we just saying our lines from a script?

    The pre-birth vision that many people are given and are remembering they had. Is it linked to the experience of deja vous?

    In my case, I can imagine reviewing part of the recording that I was given pre-birth just prior to living through the experience.

    Prior knowledge of events could come in handy in this experience.

    Of course, if it were possible, I could see why others who are not accessing this ability would try to convince you it is not real. It would seem to give you an advantage in the game of life.

    I Googled spiritual deja vu to find you.

    P.S. In a lucid moment I related to someone that these experiences seemed to be rooted in my DNA. It is who I am. Please email me with any insights.


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