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December 25, 2010: Why the Christmas story still gets us

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Christmas karma and corazon (heart) to you from your Soul's Code community.

The fiesta week of Christmas/New Year is also a turning point for endings and beginnings.

Our best insights:

A priest takes off on Christmas

I don't believe any of the “events” described in the Christmas story. There are actually three stories that don’t agree but are brought together to make the Creche scene complete. The wise men, or Magi, come from Matthew. The Shepherds and sheep come from Luke. The stable is Luke, while Matthew has Jesus born in a house. John just gets philosophical, and Mark doesn't even mention the birth at all.

But these are not historical stories, even if the authors believed they were. They are myths in the deepest sense, just as Joseph Campbell would have described them. My working definition of myth here is “a culturally shaped story that attempts to express awareness of a mystery.” The story isn’t true. The myth hints, successfully I believe, at Truth.

- excerpted from The Truth is in the Music


When the public celebrates and when others are in deep need, we suggest:

The Novena to St. Jude

- Christmas trivia: 9 days ago, South American Catholics began a Novena de Navidad. It's not done in a church. It's done every day in a humble home with extended family.



Santa Claus: International man of mystery

SPIRITUAL IQ QUIZ — He’s big. He’s hairy. He’s said to tear through the night sky accompanied by magical reindeer. Santa Claus makes a truly weird symbol of conspicuous consumption. Maybe that’s because he’s a figure whose spiritual roots sit deeper than today’s commercial culture.

Santa as we know him today symbolizes holiday cheer, Christian charity, and, yes, maybe more than just a little bit of pagan wildness. Little wonder this mischievous elf has been shunned by Christians, banned by secularists, and viewed with suspicion by purists of all sorts.

As he keeps sliding down the chimney into our culture, click on the radio buttons below to see how much you know about the global poster-boy for Christmas.

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 Gadget guilt? Don't worry, your new iPad has a spiritual dimension


SPIRITUAL IQ QUIZ – You're feeling guilty right now. It's Christmas. And you just opened your iPad. And you're completely delighted with it. And you're feeling bad because this is an awfully materialistic thing to do. Well, maybe you should feel guilty. But your iPad does have a spiritual side. Deep down all Apple products do. Seriously. Apple isn't known as a cult company for nothing. Take this quiz to find out how much you know about your favorite gadget maker's spiritual side…

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  Spiritual Surf

Is addiction really a disease?

Is AA a cult? Can GHB cure alcoholism? Is Christmas really the deadliest day of the year?


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