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Creating the ultimate reality show


Perception — the fine line between the real and the actual. Lawrence Doochin learns to see past his illusions, and strives to help others do the same.

BOOK EXCERPT FROM LAWRENCE DOOCHIN’S NEW RELEASE I AM THEREFORE I AM: FINDING GOD IN OUR HEART — What is the difference between the following statements?  The world is as I see it.  I see the world as it is.

Perception is a fine line, a line that is walked in each moment as we are constantly bombarded with stimuli from the world. Are we seeing what is true and real, or are we simply perceiving through our senses what we think is going on? If you assume that the world is as you see it, then your filters — your experiences, your beliefs, your perceptions, your senses that are unique to your body — are distorting what you see. It is as if you are looking at the world with rose colored glasses.

Experiences Shape Reality

If your experience has been one where you had a close relative who was murdered, then it is likely that you will favor capital punishment more than a person who has not had a similar experience. But what if the same murder of a close relative was the vehicle for you to open your heart in forgiveness of the murderer?

What if, through forgiveness, you became friends with the murderer, and you were grateful for the changes that had occurred in your heart and in your life? You probably would not be a proponent of capital punishment. So, what is the truth about this murder? Is it a horrific crime, an unfortunate act that leads to healing, or both? Or do none of them apply?

It is evident that an act has occurred, but it is the filters of each person that take that simple act further. The filters, the beliefs, the experiences assign a meaning that is not there. If you step back from those filters, you see only an act or event. I see the world as it is. Or, I see the act as it is, not the act is as I see it.

Our beliefs produce a perspective where we see good and bad, where we see differences. The whole world, every experience, every choice, even every thought revolves around the contrast created through good and bad. But isn’t good and bad subject to each of our own interpretations? Is alcoholism bad if it tears apart a family, or could it be good if, through recovery, it is the impetus for healing, just like the murder example? Could the alcoholism be partially bad and partially good? Do you see how confusing this can become?

Defining “Good” and “Bad”

I believeAppearances contain contrast. Their foundation is “good” and “bad.” This leads to a belief about appearances which is not real. But if appearances are not real, what is Real? What is changeless that underlies all appearances?

Surely, something must be changeless, or the universe would be utter chaos. At this point you might say that this world does exhibit chaos, but it is the appearance of the world which exhibits chaos, as seen through the eyes of the beholder.

The world seems to change every instant, yet it is the eyes of the beholder, individually and collectively as the human race, which change and which are the impetus for the apparent changes in the appearance of the world. To put it another way, as our beliefs change, the world seems to change.

So, what happens if we take away our beliefs and we see past appearances? Appearances consist of differences. If there are no differences, then there is only a single unified entity. God is One. This universal essence, this source of creative energy, cannot be divided. It can only appear to be divided, as evidenced by everything around you. But remember, appearances are not reality. Reality or Truth is not what you want it to be. It is not your beliefs, your perceptions, or judgments, because as shown, these are not universally held. Truth is indivisible and self evident.

Love is Real

How can you see what is Real? By what is not real. Love appears in all forms. Even your beliefs, thoughts, and actions which you deem negative show you overwhelming Love. It is only through them, through their Love, that you can see what is Real. Because they are Love which is appearing in a form which is not Real, simply through their demonstration, you see what is Real.

picphp My wish is for you to be able to experience the great joy and deep peace that comes with the realization of who you are.The path that I have traveled is the same one that you are on, regardless of whether you recognize it or not. When you do recognize that you are on a path of Love, it brings you such sweetness, such joy, because you know the end result is the Divine Love you have forgotten. Let us rejoice, for we are on a journey that has a certain outcome.

For more information about Lawrence Doochin, his experiences, and mission, please visit his website.

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2 Comments on “Creating the ultimate reality show”

  1. This is a great teaching. How often our notions of "good" and "bad" get between us and the experience itself. It's a hard lesson to get through, but you have given some very good reasons to work on stepping back from our judgments. Thank you!

    David Rickey

  2. I love this story.

    Actually, I found a story on this site which isn't hypothetical. It really is by a guy whose sister was murdered, and he found the way of peace that this book-author proposes.

    So this book you have here is theory, but this is the real thing: Forgiving the Unforgivable

    Story of a guy whose sister was raped and murdered when he was a kid, and then as an adult he went through a Buddhist practice and traveled to Texas to meet the convict on death row.

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