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The best vaccine for Swine Flu

“The next time you pick up a newspaper forecasting the end of the world, remember to laugh.”

pig-and-signGUEST COLUMN: VAISHALI — The only thing more highly contagious than a virus, bacteria, mold spore or free radicals is fear. The panic that arises from imagining oneself succumbing to the dreaded swine flu is a far greater health-threatening condition. It travels much faster and with more drastic consequences than the actual illness itself, leaving its own trail of destruction in its perceptual wake.

Maybe they should change the name of the swine flu from the H1N1 virus to the “CNN#1 Ratings virus panic-demic.” You know, we can’t just sit around waiting for Homeland Security to kill all the free radicals so we can feel safe once again. And now, I heard the pigs are worried about contracting the swine flu from humans!

The Eastern systems of self-healing: Chinese Medicine, Indian and Tibetan Ayurveda, all state that well over 95% of all illnesses have an emotional impetus or basis. It is not so much exposure to life’s detrimental elements that begin the cause and effect chain reaction culminating in disease, so much as how we  respond emotionally to those elements.

Illness can be caused by emotions, including fear

fearpaintingThe Eastern systems explain that the physical body itself is inherently neutral; but clearly the emotional body is not. The physical body not only takes its cues from what we think, but also, and most importantly, from how we feel about what we give our attention to. The physical body thus organizes its response to health and balance according to what it “thinks” the mind and emotions want what we give our attention to and how we feel about it. The body basically reads our minds.

Fear, worry and insecurity stress the emotional, mental and physical bodies, thereby weakening the body’s immune system. When we imagine ourselves getting sick, the body is under the impression that this is what we are expecting from it. The body sees us as self-identifying with this condition and will go out of its way to give us that result. The body is a lot like a rental car. It does not drive itself around; it is neutral. It is merely responding to the choices and attention of the driver.

Fear is a very contractive energy. Anyone who experiences fear will notice that their chest gets tight, breathing becomes shallow, and muscles constrict. When the mind focuses on something that creates a panic response, the body will automatically contract round that stimulus. That is the nature of fear. Hence whatever we resist persists.

The lymphatic system is crucial to health

The body’s strongest link in the immune defense system is the lymphatic system. Lymph is a fluid. Its oily, water-like consistency is how it pumps itself throughout the body, cleaning out viruses, bacteria, and even cancer cells before these potentially harmful elements can work their way deeper into the body. Skeletal muscles assist in pumping the lymph throughout the body. When muscles constrict from fear, these contractions bring the fluid to a screeching halt. The very worst message a healthy person wants to send to the lymphatic system is one of stagnancy due to the contraction happening in the perceptual/emotional driver’s seat.

If you imagine your body recognizing what is life sustaining and ignoring every other influence, you give your body healthy and positive guidance around which it can organize its intelligence. For years researchers and doctors have known that having cancer patients visualize their white blood cells attacking and eliminating cancer cells improves the response of the immune system and increases a persons chances of survival. Telling your body that you trust it has the strength, energy and wisdom to eradicate any unbalancing foreign energy, be it a virus, bacteria or free radical, and will give your body confidence and clarity about exactly what response you expect from it when it encounters these elements.

We have a choice: exercise free will or accept the media’s fear mongering

walking-coalsAnyone who has participated in the fire walk knows that the ability to stroll over hot embers without scorching one’s feet is determined and directed by what you are giving your attention to when initiating that first step forward. That is also the key to all of life: at any given moment what are you giving your attention to? Are your choosing fear, or are you choosing love? You have free will.

The media may be dispensing fear, but you decide whether or not you will accept that as your truth. If you cannot take your power back from CNN’s frenetic fear-fest pandemic panic, your body will be under the impression that you want contractive, fear-based responses.  It will sense that you are choosing to learn more from fear before moving on to the love portion of the program. Your body will be operating within the fear-motivated navigational instructions of what you give your attention to, and will allow any virus, bacteria or other potentially caustic energy that matches the vibration level of fear into your system. This is simply because it is under the impression that you want it. You set the parameters; you are the driver; you set the course.

That should really make you want to clean up what you give your attention to! Again, the body is neutral. If you say, “Turn left into fear,” the body will do just that. If you say, “Continue fearlessly forward,” trusting you can grow beyond anything, the body will follow your directions. It only knows what you tell it.  I’m sure right now you’re probably asking, “Hey Vaishāli, why does it do that?  Doesn’t the body know I don’t want to get sick?”

There is actually a great spiritual reason behind this. The body is designed to support our development as conscious beings. The body is here to act as a neutral form of feedback constantly reflecting back to us what we are doing with our attention whether we are choosing fear or love.

Laughter IS the best medicine

cat-laughDr. Norman Cousins, author of the groundbreaking book Anatomy of an Illness wrote about how he cured himself of a potentially terminal tissue disease by training himself to watch comedic movies and laugh for at least an hour a day. Now it does not take a brain surgeon to know that you cannot be laughing at the Marx Brothers and be choosing fear at the same time. Film producer Samuel Goldwyn was famous for his “Goldwynisms” and he had a few very humorous slants on health, such as: “If I could drop dead right now, I’d be the happiest man alive,” “A hospital is no place to be sick” and one just about everyone can relate to, “I have been laid up with intentional flu.”

W.C. Fields had a physically-liberating emotional take on health care as well: “Don’t worry about your heart, it will last as long as you live.” Mel Brooks covered all bases, giving his body the ultimate instructions with: “Humor is just another defense against the Universe.” James Thurber most aptly explained why humor and laughter is perhaps the greatest panacea when he said, “Humor is emotional chaos remembered in tranquility.” And as Groucho Marx might have said about my latest book, “From the moment I picked your book up until I laid it down, I was convulsed with laughter. Someday I intend reading it.” Laughter and the willingness to move forward go hand in hand, and when you give those attributes your attention, the body will be think that is what you want.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we lived in a world where we ultimately found that the cure for the common cold is to laugh and love our way through the day? Just imagine Adam Sandler and Russell Brand receiving a Nobel Peace Prize for the latest advancements in health and medicine. Instead of an MRI, you got “The Family Guy”. Just think … watching reruns of “Seinfeld” might be the perfect antidote for the fear spread by watching the evening news. Health insurance companies would have to change their questionnaires to “Do you get your news from CNN or The Daily Show?” Medical exams would go from “Turn you head and cough” to “Tilt your head back and laugh”.

Give your attention to laughter and love

That was a good one!  Ok, so where was I? Oh, yes! Going back to the Eastern self-healing systems defining the root cause of all illness as the direct result of the emotional responses created by what we give our attention to, the Reader’s Digest indeed had it right all these years: laughter really is the best medicine.

Laughter is positive, because laughter is always choosing love over fear. Laughter sends a message that life is good, and we are here for the sheer enjoyment of just being alive. When we laugh, our bodies are under the impression that is what we want. So the next time you pick up a newspaper forecasting the end of the world … yet again, or your favorite news program wants to pass along its gift of a media-induced frenetic fear frenzy, remember your body is waiting, listening to see what you want … fear or love.

What do you have to lose if you choose to inoculate yourself with love and laughter? What does it cost you to let the body know fear is not a power you choose to recognize? Then, in the name of better health and a vibrant immune system, go to a comedy club, rent your favorite laugh-out-loud movie, read James Thurber or Mark Twain. Let there be no mistaking that enjoying life, resiliency to toxic situations and a positive outlook is what you want to learn from.

See ya in the funny papers!

vaishali-headshotVaishali is the author of Wisdom Rising and You Are What You Love. She is a national health & wellness speaker and radio host on KTLK 1150AM  (greater L.A.) & KEST (San Francisco). A certified practitioner of Chinese Medicine and East Indian Ayurveda medicine, Vaishali’s most recent article for Soul’s Code was Transforming through tough times.

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  1. I work at a school in Cairo...many people are not laughing!!

    I'm just ignoring the negativity. Not sure how to get them to laugh! Some kids have been wearing masks to school...and some have been kept home indefinitely!

    Peace resides within the self :)

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