Wednesday, October 18th 2017

Change…is not a four letter word

Constant change equals growth in the world view of female mystic Vaishali Love

GUEST COLUMN: VAISHALI LOVE — Change. That dreaded condition. It may not be a four letter word, but I’ve seen it preceded by some.  Just when you think you are in the groove, what happens? Just when you finally have everything right where you want it. . .the “C” word happens.

And I don’t mean cute and cuddly.

Change, ironically, is the only permanent thing on this planet. So it would seem that the wise thing to do would be to make our peace with it. But that is easier said than done.

Change is blessed when it brings more value to your 401K and hellish when you wake up and the Dow has dropped 500 points and your fund manager was taken into custody by the Feds.  Ah, yes, no one ever said the human experience was meant to be a cakewalk.

Buddhist philosophy has a great deal to say about the impermanent nature of this world. Believe or not the constant flux of reality is designed to enhance and support our learning opportunities. The trick is. . .you have to allow all the pieces of life’s puzzle to get re-scrambled just when you thought you had everything fitting together. And did I mention that Buddhism never said it was easy?

I choose to see change as another word for growth. Who would not want unlimited growth, empowered growth, abundant growth? When I describe it that way, it does not seem so bad, so threatening.

Since change is going to happen whether or not we like it, approve of it or appreciate it, it would be nice if we could at the very least squeeze every last ounce of benefit we can from it.

So, as long as I never get old or run out of money, I’m good to go. Bring it on!

Vaishali is the author of Wisdom Rising and You Are What You Love. She is a national health & wellness speaker and radio host of “You Are What You Love”, heard weekly on KTLK 1150am Sunday 11-noon PST in greater LA and Santa Barbara. Vaishali shares her wisdom via her site and can be contacted by email. Join Vaishali October 1st in Laguna Beach, October 2nd in Burbank and Ocotber 3rd at The Bodhi Tree Bookstore in West LA.  Read Vaishali’s previous article on Soul’s Code: Time after time: How to survive life’s hurdles.

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  1. I am actually feeling the word 'change' too...but from the perspective of what it is, really. I am not sure that things ever really change. I know that I have gotten in deeper to the person I really am, and always I am not sure that is really change or just seeing what was always there... also, it's kind of a future or past word - we can only really sense the present, what is.

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