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Ask a Guru: “In mourning, how do I detach?”

A transgender male grieves his brother by embarking on the Ride to Conquer Cancer, and seeks ways to let go of his family grievances “Ask a Guru” matches your needs and questions with one of the professional practitioners in the Soul’s Code community: BY CHASE CAMERON — On November 27th, 2009, 3:50 p.m., at Toronto’s ...
Ask a Guru: You say you’re with an addict?

Ask a Guru: You say you’re with an addict?

After hearing my friend K talk about her marriage this week, I had this thought that psychological pain is a master of disguises. And another thought: Isn’t the path of pain like water damage in a house or apartment? Water can seep into the building from wherever, lurk in the joists and studs for a ...