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Spiritual Surf: Dalai Lama's Hell on Earth, Brad Pitt explores the soul of Percy Fawcett, and Dr. Phil

Spiritual Surf: Dalai Lama’s Hell on Earth, Brad Pitt explores the soul of Percy Fawcett, and Dr. Phil “Creamed”

Dalai Lama: Tibet has become “Hell on Earth” Speaking yesterday in Dharamsala, India, on the 50th anniversary of Tibet’s foiled uprising against Chinese rule, the Dalai Lama warned that Tibetan culture faces extinction and that authoritarian rule has made life in the Himalayan nation “hell on earth.” It’s one of the boldest...
Spiritual Surf: Founding Faith, India's Top 10 Gurus, Giant Dr. Phil Gets Axe, and More

Spiritual Surf: Founding Faith, India’s Top 10 Gurus, Giant Dr. Phil Gets Axe, and More

Beliefnet Founder’s Founding Faith Talking about his new book, Founding Faith: How Our Founding Fathers Forged a Radical New Approach to Religious Liberty, on National Public Radio last week, Beliefnet co-founder, Steve Waldman, debunks the twin myths that the Founding Fathers were either a pack of howling evangelicals or a group of proto-new...
Spiritual Surf: Obama fatigue, 'General' Chopra, Dr. Phil's ratings, and More

Spiritual Surf: Obama fatigue, ‘General’ Chopra, Dr. Phil’s ratings, and More

Betting against Obama fatigue By now it’s clear that former President Elect Barack Obama‘s image can sell just about anything, from puppy sweaters to phony commemorative coins. But he can also sell your cause — any cause — as discovered by On its “Yes You Can Challenge” petitions page — where you can create...
Spiritual Surf: Dr. Phil, Deepak Chopra, Oprah and the 'Doomer-sphere'

Spiritual Surf: Dr. Phil, Deepak Chopra, Oprah and the ‘Doomer-sphere’

SOUL’S CODE — Depression chatter, global-warming warnings and permanent war in the Middle East have created a bull market for the “doomersphere” (credit to the New Yorker for the phrase). Meet four (online) horseman of the apocalypse: Nassim Taleb is a former hedge-fund manager and critic of globalization who is a kind of ...
7 spiritual recession lessons

7 spiritual recession lessons


Coming to a city near you: The best and the brightest of the transcendental, mind-blowing, kandy-kolored, soul-expanding 2007 enlightenment road show

You may have noticed from our last few posts that some of the biggest brands on the enlightenment circuit are criss-crossing the continent right now. We’ve put all the links we’ve scattered around Soul’s Code in one place here. Click on a speaker’s name for their full tour schedule, which we’ve annotated with...

Gavin Newsom: the affair of a mayor makes the New York Times

Gavin Newsom fulfilled a universal ego ambition. Out of 350-plus mayors in the United States, it was he who made the New York Times on Friday. But not for reasons the ego would conspicuously approve. Newsom had an affair with a 33-year-old woman who’d just had a baby — and she was married to the ...

Spiritual Surf: Dr. Phil trolls for trash; pays millions

Dr. Phil, the official mascot of Oprah, has a permanent page on the site for his own TV series called “Be on the show” to solicit victims to air their soiled psychic baggage — and boost his ratings. Is it any wonder that people like Gavin Newsom and Lindsay Lohan go mad in this mad, ...