Monday, September 25th 2017

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5 forbidden foods: Why you can't eat anything at all

5 forbidden foods: Why you can’t eat anything at all

Foods we once thought were healthy alternatives are now off the menu — starting with your daily (whole-grain) bread. We’ve joked about it at dinner parties. We’ve read all the same articles, talked to our doctors, and reached the same realization: You can’t eat anything anymore. Soul’s Code canvassed its community of...
New Age 'No-tox'

New Age ‘No-tox’

People on a spiritual path who aren’t into Botox still care about beauty. Soul’s Code samples new non-invasive technologies Those who seek an inner-sense of knowing want to cleanse their tissue with yoga, organic foods and fasts — not inject it with a paralytic, neuro-toxin derived from botulism (one microgram of the stuff Botox is ...