Wednesday, August 23rd 2017

Can inconvenience be a motivator?

We can use the hurdles that life throws at us to grow and reach our spiritual potential

intellect1GUEST COLUMN: PHYLLIS KING As we grow and mature, our intellect and reasoning skills increase. However, with that, often our ego increases.

The skill we acquire with our use of words sometimes exceeds our ability to truly live our words and their content.

We hide behind our words, “acting” as if we believe them.

This façade is never more apparent when difficulties arise.

We are happy to believe in our values so long as there is no inconvenience. Yet inconvenience is often the birthplace of invention and creativity.

Throughout history, without inconvenience many of the remarkable achievements we now enjoy daily in our lives would not have occurred (think how we’ve moved from using a typewriter to now, for some, an iPad)!

As we navigate challenging times in our lives, we can view them as challenges or can view them as inconveniences.

Either view is fine.

Rise to the challenge, and overcome your fear of change to move the inertia that inconvenience shines a light on.

maskThrough that process, you will discover remarkable things about yourself:

You are stronger than you know

You have more information about how to succeed than you realized

You have not yet reached your full potential

You will be excited to pursue the next chapter of your life, as your authentic you is now in the driver’s seat

Trust in the content of the words you have grown to love, and have developed such skill in using. Your words and your actions must be the same.

If they are not, fill in the spaces that create that deficit.  Then no matter what your financial, relationship, or your physical condition, you will feel more connected to life.

Ultimately you will feel like you are living the life you were meant to live.

phyllisPhyllis King is a psychic, author and spiritual teacher.  Her previous articles for Soul’s Code include: Love is a verb.  So let’s DO it and A 2010 detox for your psyche.

Listen to Phyllis on L.A’s KTLK-AM 1150 every Sunday from 12:00 pm. - 1:00 pm. PST.

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  1. SO true! I recently blogged about how crises are the most profound catalysts for change--but it's the same thing. All the things we call crises and inconveniences are opportunities for growth and expansion in disguise! Remembering this when they arise, however, is a whole other article ! lol :)

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