Saturday, October 21st 2017

Camino Reflection #9

Many years ago, I read a novel called The Fountain by Charles Morgan. The story turns around a dying man’s withdrawal from life into the divine. As his body fails, little by little the man subtracts himself from the things of earth, from status, possessions, and even the love of his wife. Such release is at that heart of meditation and the Christian message of losing one’s life to find it.

Walking the Camino, we left behind status, accomplishments, and possessions. The way and the weather were so uncertain that we were never sure where we would eat, rest, or spend the night. The physical demands were so great the day came when we was too exhausted to go on. We had to recognize our limitations, give in, get a hotel room, and rest. We had to give up control.

The image of a fountain gets to the heart of the Camino experience. As the burdens and the clutter of the world fell away, I felt a lightness of spirit. The rainbow that we followed for hours one day reappeared inside of me. Joy bubbled up and splashed out turning dried grass into diamonds.

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