Tuesday, August 22nd 2017

Camino Reflection #8

I was in the grocery store when someone in the next aisle answered their cell. Harsh words followed. I tired to ignore the intrusive, one-sided conversation as I maneuvered through the onions and potatoes to the bananas. A stranger was inflicting me with their angst.

That brought me back to the Camino where I delighted in the chirruping of birds, the buzz of bees, the swish of wind in the trees, and the distance clank of cowbells. It is no wonder that many stores sell relaxation CDs featuring the sounds of nature.

The most memorable sound of the Camino, however, was silence. A silence so profound and meditative that when I heard a slight gurgle from my half-filled water bottle, I had to empty it.

Since my return from the Camino, I hear as if for the first time the wail of sirens, the whir of tires, the screech of brakes, the roar of motorcycles, the constant clatter and chatter of media, all part of our constant noise pollution. I long for the restorative silence of the Camino.

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