Tuesday, October 17th 2017

Camino Afterthought #4

I traveled in Spain for 30 days with only three summer shirts and two pair of slacks. It was a continual cycle of wash and wear. At home again, I opened my dresser drawers to find them stuffed full of shirts, so many in fact that the overflow is piled on a shelf in my closet. I was both amazed at my great array of choices and aghast. Did I really need all these shirts?

My husband left an almost new pair of Rockports in one of the refugios on the Camino. Because of his blisters, he could not wear them. They were heavy, and he didn’t really need them.

I’ve been to several clothing stores since my return, but I have an aversion to buying anything. I have found that I have more than enough to wear.

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One Comment on “Camino Afterthought #4”

  1. you are right phyllis, we all need to take an inventory of our material possessions and think about what we really need.

    i have a closet full of clothes, shoes and bags, but usually wear/use the same items. downsizing our possessions is good, uncluttering is good!! giving items we don't use/need to others is the best thing :)

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