Thursday, August 24th 2017

Camino Afterthought #3

Throughout our pilgrimage in Spain, we saw pilgrims walking on the Camino in varying states of duress. We saw pilgrims with bleeding blisters. Others had to walk in flip flops because their feet were in such rough shape. Many people had a knee wrapped in an ace bandage and I saw one woman with both knees encased. People limped and coughed. They were exhausted and sore and yet they carried on.

A woman from Austria recounted how she had gotten a hotel because of the rain. She had determined to spend the day resting until she looked out the window and saw the other pilgrims trudging on in spite of the weather and she knew she had to join them. She had miles yet to go on the Camino.

Having a goal, in this case, completing the pilgrimage to Santiago, enables one to preserve and keep going no matter what happens along the way. Without a goal, the blister, the aches, the rain, the pains become ends in themselves. With a goal in view, however, these things take their proper place as temporary and non-essential annoyances.

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  1. Can absolutely understand the transformative nature of this experience. There is pain, but with perspective and a goal, there is no suffering. Or maybe just the suffering takes a back seat. Sounds like a powerful experience.

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