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Barry Bonds: a steroid addiction costs him an indictment

Bonds before & after

Bonds: Before and After steroids

‘Tis the season of the famous falling down, drunk — Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Kiefer Sutherland, and last week, (surprise!) Mickey Rourke — all busted for DUI.

But this morning’s headlines stem from a different seed of celebrity addiction: superstar athletes and steroids.

A San Francisco grand jury indicted Barry Bonds, the Giants slugger who broke the most coveted home-run record this summer, for perjury and obstruction of justice because of his attempts to cover-up years of heavy steroid use that powered his hitting surge. The mainstream media calls it “steroid abuse,” we call it addiction.

Steroids are derived from the male sex hormone testosterone, and they boost production of opioids in the brain, as well as bulk up muscle. Guys on steroids are a lot like cocaine addicts: alongside euphoria and amped-up egos, they experience heightened anxiety and irritability, paranoid delusions and impotence.

Steroids really hurt when they’re put in the hands — or the butt — of a clinical narcissist like Bonds.

Steroids were just one of many different kinds of dope that Bonds began taking after 1998, when he was filled with jealous rage at home-run leader Mark McGwire’s record-breaking season. There was Clomid, a women’s infertility drug, and Modafinil, a narcolepsy drug used as a powerful stimulant. According to a September, 2007 story in the local San Francisco press, Bonds injected his scrotum with human growth hormone during the 2002 World Series to combat impotence — and the following season, had episodes of lactating.

Since the scandal broke Bonds has apparently been drinking a high-octane shake juiced with elk semen instead of taking steroids and other stuff.

The private and family life of Bonds, who earned the nickname “unbearable Barry,” suggests a pattern of lying and cheating. Narcissists are chronically immersed in their own circular narratives, and the people around them are mere figurines who they spin into self-serving roles on their merry-go-round. When Bonds even fleetingly ceased to hold the fascination, fear or blind acquiesence of his mistress Kimberly Bell, or say, the media he acted puzzled, hurt or lashed out.

“I would hear everything from I’m going to kill you, I’m going to cut your head off. You name it. He was a very angry man like that. He wanted his way,” Kimberly Bell tells INSIDE EDITION.

Now as Bonds faces up to 30 years in federal penitentiary for his alleged crimes, expect him to be even more clueless about how to connect to the judge and jury who will decide his fate. As we follow this psychological drama, we’ll sketch the link between the cause of Bonds’ steroid addiction and how it drove his narcissism over the top.

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  1. Awesome post! Right on the money. Unbearable Barry. So true.

  2. i feel sorry for the guy...who knows what harm he's done to his own body and for what...fame, fortune, the ladies...all that passes and what is left?

  3. I'd like to feel sorry for him but he's just such a jerk!

  4. Firstly, i need to say, im a biochem major, and i understand anabolics.. while yes they are an unfair advantage over the non users in the arenas that the athletes who have chosen to use them are in.. a. your ignorance regarding the administeration of these chemicals for dramatic effect to prove a point make you look like an idiot to an educated person in this field, b. if you did your research .. the chemical chlomid is a very mild stimulant in men which produces lh hormone.. this barely has any effect other than possibly.. comporable to a esspresso. You are a moron.. and could have written this letter with a lot more intelligence.. its a subject worthy of a good article.. and an idiot worth discussing.. but you have successfully joined the ranks of his self glorifying ignorance by not really educating yourself and dropping a bunch of biast psychobable reg. what you deem narcism. Congradulations moron.. the 2 of you should do a check up from the neck up b4 opening your mouths.

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