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August 5, 2010: Death of the soul mate fantasy

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The death of the soul mate fantasy

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In a Soul's Code exclusive from the newly published book, Unintelligent Humans. . .Questions to Stimulate Your Soul, a psychotherapist gives 6 tips on how to become your own soul mate

BY RICHARD A. SINGER JR. — As human beings we are consistently involved in an endless search for something external to fill the painful void within us. We search for the perfect partner, or our soul mate, with the hopes of finding everlasting joy, happiness and true love.  We look for a new partner to relieve our pain of the loss of another.

What we fail to realize is that by expecting another human being to make us a complete person we are decreasing our own self worth and simply saying that we are not wholesome or complete as we are.

We need to realize that we already have the precious gift of love and happiness deep within our own being and that our pain will always exist until we begin to trust and rely on the innate happiness within our own beating heart.

There is no soul mate out there; your soul mate lives within you, patiently awaiting the day when you decide to reunite with the perfect love that exists and will always exist in the depths of your soul.

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