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An unlikely love connection

How to turn MySpace into Our space: A contemporary shaman’s response to hate-mail

forgivingheartGUEST COLUMN: DAWN DANCING OTTER — Everywhere I go, in every moment, the ongoing mantra in my mind is a repetition of the four graces of Ho’oponopono — “I am sorry, I love you, please forgive me, thank you.”  What I have come to realize is that my life is transforming miraculously as a result. Whatever situation, whomever/whatever is in my field of observation, whatever thought or sensation that is in my present awareness, I am constantly reconciling, acknowledging, forgiving, and integrating.

The miracle to me, is that each moment I live is a lesson, a gift, an opportunity to love myself even more; to reconcile with the parts of myself that have been forgotten, disassociated, unloved. . .my shadows.

Receiving an email that triggers the pain body

Recently, I received an email from a blessed man in Poughkeepsie, NY. The email reflected this man’s need to communicate his fears, disillusionment, and anger over my Shamanic workshops. He claimed I ought to realize that whatever I am offering to the world is a lie, is deceitful, and intentionally misleading.  Furthermore, I am a thief. He insisted that I become as skeptic of this way of life as he is.

breathesmallWhen I received this email, I took a deep breath in and let it wash over me. I felt the hot anger, I felt the ‘knives’ of pain touching all the places that responded to the words ‘thief’, ‘false’, ‘liar’, ‘deceiver’. I kept breathing into those places and let the pain build. I then recited the four graces until the sensation shifted.

Then I responded, telling this wonderful man that yes, I have been a thief in my life (I have at various times stolen/shoplifted when I was living in scarcity); yes, I have lied in my life (too many times to count); yes, I can see many times in my past when I have intentionally deceived others; and yes, in the past I have been false.

Virtual space opens up inner space

It didn’t (and doesn’t) matter to me that this man knew nothing of my work, my history, or of me personally. This beautiful human being was asking me to be present to a part of myself I have kept hidden in the shadows. And I gratefully obliged.

I also realized that in his pain of having experienced deceit and theft in his life, he was simply asking SOMEONE to take responsibility for it. Again I obliged with the intention that, as human beings, we are all One. Why shouldn’t I take responsibility? I have no idea what I have done in this life or any other which may have supported or caused injury in him. And at that moment, it didn’t matter: I simply took responsibility. With the four graces I acknowledged the injury and asked forgiveness. Then I let it go to the Universe.

happinesssmallThe ecstasy that filled me was so overwhelming I cried. I felt a huge release: the part of me that had been acknowledged, forgiven, and loved, had become ready to be integrated. The experience provided me with so much learning.

When he wrote back, it was with an entirely unexpected outcome, he had softened considerably. However, his opinion of my work had not changed — which is as it should be.  It is not my intention to impress my Shamanic life choices upon him for validation or invalidation. To me, it was about how we were able to connect together as human beings. This was such a joyful moment because my intention was to invite us both into a human embrace and experience oneness.

I am so grateful to this man. He was moved enough to take the time to show me this shadow of myself. Wherever you are, G. C. from Poughkeepsie; thank you.

dawnsmallDawn Dancing Otter is revealing the unknown through motherhood, Quantum Shamanic Transformation, Soul Alchemy, and Ecstatic Dance in Penticton BC.  Visit her on Facebook. Read Dawn’s previous Soul’s Code articles: From sinner to saint: my beginner’s mind and My Mother’s day journey.

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13 Comments on “An unlikely love connection”

  1. inspiring! i took a deeper breath of peace after reading it!

  2. I found this a great and also challenging teaching. Previously, my tendency would have been to dismiss someone's accusations as just "their problem". To use them as a mirror to parts of myself and my "history" that I hadn't owned and forgiven is a very powerful tool. I have found a couple of "simple" examples that I have worked with. And one example my ego is wrestling with me about that is a real challenge. Thank you for this!


  3. Namaste, David
    Yes, yes yes. I also hear the little voice in my head that says 'That's your problem, buddy'. I have assigned a personality to that voice, I call it 'small eyes' - the part of me that snaps to attention when i perceive a 'threat'. That voice is kind of handy to me in that whenever i hear it, i go into the self-inquiry process - am i in danger, is this a threat? is it true? - i have yet to answer 'yes'. in this way, 'small eyes' is a dear 'friend' to me, and i have come to love this process...this part of me that still fears...i know where that comes from - from feeling the pain of the initial injury...the times when i perceived myself to be alone in my pain.
    What i have come to celebrate is that this practice - Ho'oponopono, self inquiry, breathing and feeling my body respond - this process I call Soul Alchemy - it doesn't get rid of that voice of 'small eyes' - it gives it a purpose, like a flagger on a highway...directing me to go into a pathway which is becoming opened. It is a new opportunity to love myself - and extending that love into what is the collective organism of life.
    Thank you for your honest reflection, what a gift to us all.
    Big Love,
    dawn dancing otter

  4. I've been practicing ho'oponopono for about six months appears to be "the answer" to any discord.

  5. I love the Ho’oponopono. I think it sounds beautiful and a way to make peace with one's self as well as with others. I would like to see individuals be able to apply this to themselves. Being able to forgive oneself, love oneself, and heal oneself, as well as taking responsibility for their emotions and actions. Mahalo for sharing.

  6. Maybe you have to pay attention to who is attacking (maybe the ego in the other) and to whom is attacking to the ego (or shadow) in you or to his/her own lack of potential. After having clarity on those points I can respond from an awakened perspective, even if that means to be aware of the shadow dancing in myself.

  7. :-) really uplifting. Thanks for posting this!

  8. How you respond depends, on who it is and the subject of their attack. Most of the time it is better to kill them with kindness. Most of the time it isn't worth giving them the satisfaction in demeaning you. Heap coals upon their head and let them stew in their own misery.

    Besides they cannot kill you (legally) and you surely do not have to sleep with them, unless of course you are married to them. Sometimes that could be debatable too...

  9. What a beautiful way of transitioning the energy. Very powerful. I love it!

  10. 9 out 10 emotional responses we have to external stimuli are a reflection of our own shadow. This is an excellent story that illustrates the power of owning and reintegrating those aspects of ourselves we have repressed or denied. Keep up the good work!

  11. Dear Dawn; We are all interating this lesson. Thank you for not preaching, and instead sharing a slice of your real life --- and how you came to a potentially negative trigger with presence.

  12. What a courageous and open-hearted soul you have. Thank you for sharing this unique approach. I look forward to trying it myself - today.

  13. This was fabulous - you have a lovely way of writing that makes a simple story poignant and full of truth, thanks

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