Monday, October 23rd 2017

9 Aha! Moments that blow Oprah off the Screen

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  1. [...] is a barometer of our spiritual starvation as much as it’s a measure of his status as the Grandmaster Flash of self-help teachers. (Read about Tolle’s reported overnight enlightenment in our series about peak experiences that made history.) [...]

  2. [...] Credit where credit is due. Still, we at Soul’s Code have no intention of giving up our tease-Oprah crusade [...]

  3. [...] The notion of having — and sharing — psychological realizations and mind-body breakthroughs is kinda the whole point of Soul’s Code. It’s one reason we’re called to have fun with Oprah’s “Aha! Moment” franchise — a cliche lifted from a long-dead German psychiatrist named Karl Buhler. [...]

  4. [...] To me, it is this summons that is the key. Unless insight produces action it is useless — or at best, self-serving — because it only serves to make us feel better. As others here have pointed out, to speak of “A-Ha” moments in the same context that we speak of.... [...]

  5. [...] Byron Katie explains the phrase at book-length in a practically-unknown title called, Losing the Moon. [...]

  6. [...] Here’s one example. You’ll never read this in the New York Times, or Time, or any other large circ, New York publication: testimonials from some of history’s greatest masters of mindfulness in their own words. [...]

  7. Not knowing is an aha moment, too. I am not sure about Katie. She calls what she does The Work. That descriptive phrase belongs to Gurdjieff if you ask me. He shoulda trademarked it. Life is only real when I am, he said,and I am paraphrasing him a tad.

    Let's face it. People begin as genuinely as they can and if they stay at it long enough, they become genuine fakes, a la Alan Watts. I watch O for the entertainment value. True inner work is not done by buying a bestseller, a pack of Postit notes and a highlighter (that according to a wisecracking friend of mine). Or by watching YouTubes of the masters. Oy.

  8. [...] another, Ojai was the North American base of the great Indian mystic, J. Krishnamurti. He underwent one of the most famous enlightenments in history at Ojai in 1922. Krishnamurti made an estate there, granted to his foundation by patrons, a part-time home for the [...]

  9. [...] was the great spiritual teacher J. Krishnamurti who once said, “If you think that meditation is sitting in a corner of your room for fifteen [...]

  10. [...] frequent guest, Marianne Williamson, has based her career on the modern-day bible of mysticism, A Course in Miracles. Williamson’s books are the Cliff Notes version of the dense tome (her words, not [...]

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