Tuesday, October 17th 2017

Addiction: 9 Causes and Cures


What do you do if you’re hooked on transitional objects like sex, drugs, alcohol or other addictions? Even if object constancy has been wiped from your system by abuse, or worse, the good news is that it can be re-installed. By you! We all have the power of self-love in us — it’s coded into every cell of our bodies — and a few self-administered shots for a few moments can carry us through hours or days.

Use this context, give addiction a quarter turn, and see it as a tool of grief and pain avoidance — just as worry and control are. The antidote to control, and living in fear that our connections with beings closest to us will be breached, involves the opposite of clinging and addiction. Fear thrives on low self-esteem and distrust. The behavioral cure is to build self-affirmation through core values that sound true to you. It is also about considering a spiritual purpose for yourself, as opposed to career and relationship benchmarks.

It is about trusting life to unfold through you, and imagining that a golden thread of synchronicities has weaved the episodes of your life into a continuous whole. Faith is a form of object constancy applied to a higher power.

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4 Comments on “Addiction: 9 Causes and Cures”

  1. I love the image. It really nails self love for me.

  2. Allow life to unfold through us. That's a powerful thought. It's so easy to loose hold of that golden thread. Do you have any concrete suggestions for retying it?

  3. So letting go is the real secret to getting ahold of your life? Seems so counter-intuitive. Is there any good way to do it? Exercises? Mantras? Prayer?

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