Tuesday, October 17th 2017

Addiction: 9 Causes and Cures


After a trauma jolts you into a state of high activation, one of the simplest ways to discharge the intense energy trapped in your nervous system is by doing vigorous workouts like biking, kickboxing, or heck, chopping wood. But if Howard Hughes were alive today, we would advise him to try a more powerful and targetted approach to recover from his 1946 plane crash: a cutting-edge therapy called somatic experiencing.

One of the problems with traditional psycho-therapy is that you can develop a new understanding of yourself and have amazing breakthroughs in self-awareness but they often fail to translate into real change. The realizations you get from talk-therapy are still only thoughts in your head. Somatic therapists seek to anchor those realizations to felt-shifts in your body. They do this by inducing mild states of hypnosis, using sound, touch and other sensations.

“The therapist helps the client move back and forth between small pieces of the traumatic material,” write SE psychologists Diane and Larry Heller. Looping back and forth allows patients to discharge the activation in their nervous system as they work through the traumatic event in layers. Peter Levine originated this effective and imaginative mind-body therapy, and his basic book about SE work is Waking the Tiger. Here is a directory of trained professionals in this emerging field.

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