Friday, October 20th 2017

Addiction: 9 Causes and Cures


The Time cover story, How We Get Addicted, is essentially a re-packaging and re-telling of an exhaustive 2007 HBO documentary series called Addiction. It consists of a 90-minute feature, followed by 13 half-hour episodes, that focus on the physiology and medical treatment of addiction. There are lots of victim stories, PET scans and brochure-ware for new drugs like Topiramate that can ostensibly “re-set the brain.”

Talking heads also editorialize about the problem of denial. But isn’t the more common problem that addicts are the first to know what their afflictions are doing to their lives and loved ones? It leads to a self-bashing loop inside their heads that simply adds a whole new layer of stress — and secondary tier of pain that they’re compelled to medicate even further.

So the addiction becomes reinforced by the story they tell themselves about it and their negative self-image. It’s actually the opposite of denial.

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