Monday, October 23rd 2017

Spiritual Surf: Addicted to the addict, Charlie Sheen

Jimmy Kimmel and sports mogul Mark Cuban are hooked: Sheen’s “surprise” late-night comedy apotheosis

Tiger-blood royalties: Analyst upgrade and bull-run on Sheen T-shirt stock

Curing life’s ills, addicts and Wynona Judd: Not-a-goddess embraces ‘Brain Training’ technology — a computer and EEG

Law of attraction: The more that Charlie Sheen goes fringe, the more that fringe people join his flock

Soul’s Code analyzes co-dependency: Addicted to the addict

Journal of Social Psychological and Personality ScienceRelationship decisions are the No. 1 thing we wish we could re-do or un-do

Nurses versus nuns: With an increasing number of interfaith or faithless hospital patients, nurses now wear the ‘spiritual provider’ hat

Post-war, mind-body mending: Soldiers overcome PTSD through yoga

Kick the habit with a smart phone: Peer-group therapy texting success stories for smokers

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