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September 8, 2009: The entries are in…YOU choose the winner.

Beyond Belief

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We learned many things and met many new readers. And much of what we learned will serve to enrich and enliven our offerings and articles here on

We were treated to original poems and stories, quotes from Krishna Das. We received videos of children, elephants in India, dancing, original music performances, meditations, and heart chakra openings.

We were invited to join LinkedIn groups for inner peace and harmony. And to browse conscious businesses.

We learned about new areas of health and spirituality from shaking therapy to Tayu and Holosync meditation.

To experience for yourself the rich variety of entries and information, check out the Comments on our contest page.

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Don’t forget our new Celebrity Seekers Quiz!

Now featured each week on Soul’s Code. This week’s questions include:

Which pop idol is a big fan of Eckhart Tolle?

A. Bono
B. Elton John
C. Paul McCartney
D. Annie Lennox

Check your answer…

Hint: This week’s clue in the photos in the quiz.

Our philosophy: Everyone’s a Guru

Soul’s Code Question

How do we find grace in the wake of loss?

Check out our slideshow: 9 Ways to Deal with Loss.

Soul’s Code Muse

“Good love stays close to our bones

and whispers to us the secrets about who we are.

Good love has synchronicity and a rhythm.”

~Michelle Ritterman

Read more Hypnotic Mantras by Michelle Ritterman, author of The Tao of a Woman

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