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September 24, 2009 : Enlightenment Contest Winner

Beyond Belief

Congratulations to Xuan-An Thai

Grand Prize Winner

For Xuan-An, an enlightening moment was experienced during a chance encounter with this woman during her trip to Cuba.

“Getting lost around the breezy streets of Central Havana, I turned the corner and there she was: this lovely, eccentric old woman. I guess happiness is a lit Cuban cigar. I couldn’t help but smile with surprise. She had the most wonderful raspy Spanish. We didn’t talk much, but she was so friendly! I gave her a hug and left with a profound feeling of warmth. Like finding family all over the world. Sometimes traveling so much can harden you into forgetting the beauty and fun surrounding you.” ~ Xuan-An Thai

And our second place winner – a tie!

For Lisa, travelling through India to the first Tibetan monastery provided her inspiration.

“Being present at the 14th century Klu-kkhyil Gompa (monastery) in Ladakh, India was extraordinary. Most unusual for Ladakhi gompas is that the statue of Maitreya, the Buddha of the future, is 25 meters high. This Buddha inspires me to remember to be my best, shine like a Buddha, and to strive for enlightenment for the benefit of all sentient beings. Maitreya is a reminder of what the future can hold for my own becoming.” ~ Lisa Blake

And Carol’s memories of her past lives illuminate her photo montages.

“This is a depiction of my past lives. I have been aware of several past lives since I was nine years old, and presently I am sixty-five. Therefore, my “thoughts” are my inspiration.” ~ Carol Braniff

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