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October 20, 2009: Love Scroll Launch

Beyond Belief

Has anyone ever asked you this really simple question?

“What is the most loving thing that someone has ever said to you, or done for you?”
We derived the idea from a piece of ancient intelligence called the Celtic healing circle.

Your answer, sentence or phrase goes live on Soul’s Code, immediately, as part of a moving scroll. (We don’t ask for a log-in or profile registration).


Here are some examples from the past week:

Agnes Fehlau says:

“I always wanted a mommy like you” ~ daughter, Maya (5)

Sue Freeman says:

My husband of nearly one year said “nothing you have said, did or done has offended me or changed how I feel about you”. How all encompassing his love is for me, and mine is for him. Unconditional. xo

Karen M Cornelisse says:

After my son was born under severe trauma,
every time I woke up during the recovery
my mother-in-law was sitting in a chair beside me.
All afternoon and all night, she sat beside me.
My son passed away the next day, and she still sat beside me.
I now have another son, and my mother in law has been beside me. I thank God for her every day.

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This is an excerpt from our Celebrity Seeker’s Quiz:

How long has Tantric sex been practiced in India?


Soul’s Code Muse

“The world ‘in front of my eyes’ presents experiences to me that reflect the issues ‘behind my eyes’ — the issues that I need to face, and to grow through.

“When I feel the need for intimacy with an ‘other’, I discover that it is impossible when I am trying to control that ‘other’.” ~ David Rickey

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