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October 15, 2008: Money meltdown? A Spiritual Antidote






    Shock and awe, financial style . . . Are your spirits up and down like the Dow Jones Index?



Everyone is feeling it, so let’s deal with it together the Soul’s Code way:


An episcopal priest and psychologist, David Rickey, who ‘made his bones’ counselling money-obsessed New Yorkers for two decades, offers his wisdom for coping with Wall Street’s gyrations…

It is precisely times like these when we are called to embrace a
spiritual state of mind. It is a shift in perception that frees us
from helplessness.

We are now experiencing how our perceptions shape the world around
us: our collective fears and insecurities manifest a reality
that is fearful and insecure.

We hear about market forces bringing about a “correction.” There is a
bigger “force” seeking not just “correction,” but evolution . . .

Excerpt from “6 healing steps for crisis, loss and worry” 



If you read David’s with an open mind, you may have found yourself moving nicely into a meditative state.

Go with the flow, let go and grab a trance anytime . . . anywhere. For role models, check out Meditation Junkies.

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Why does Hollywood care about the year 2012? When Wall Street has an apocalypse, it cares! …And budgets for a blockbuster

Vashali Love on the 2012 doomsday buzz 


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We humans are not helpless: the reality of the world ‘out there’ is
dependent on the inner reality of any individual — and also on the
collective consciousness.

A female mystic riffs on the world financial crisis



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