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May 22, 2008: Contemplations and Relaxations for Memorial Day weekend






We serve food for the soul . . . not Spam   Here is a picnic basket of contemplations and mind-body relaxations for the weekend

Oprah pitches the pursuit of spiritual happiness alongside, “How Not To Look Old” and “If You’ve Gained Back Every Pound . . .”

The great seers and sages across time maintain that the ego’s grocery-list of wants and ‘nots’ can’t co-exist with Buddha-like bliss.

This week, Father David Rickey bridges the gap between the two camps:

Teachers like
Ram Dass, Ramana Maharshi, Byron Katie, Caroline Myss, Eckhart Tolle, seek to instruct us in the techniques that prepare us for “A Ha” moments . . . It is possible that the “greater consciousness” knows that for many of us it takes the “lure” of looking younger, or becoming more “successful” to entice us into considering a larger purpose for our life than any of those lures.
- Excerpted from “Aha Moments, Epiphanies and Peak Experiences: The trick to having one is letting your soul’s code have its way”




    America’s new mystics . . . and the Pursuit of Happiness 

If you go to a church or a religious retreat, most of the speakers are men — and most in the audience are women.


Across the centuries, spirituality has been a male-dominated business. Now, a vanguard of self-schooled female sages are doing an end-run around the mainstream self-help industry — and their male counterparts.

Call them the new female mystics.


Here is our newest discovery . . . Vaishali was born into an abusive, alcoholic family and knows first-hand the impact of being raised in a hostile environment. Twice, she has been diagnosed “terminal”:


Thinking has nothing to do with happiness. You can be thinking about how you have to lose weight, pick up your children from school, organize your tax records and still be happy! Impossible you say? Not really.

Vedic psychology says that happiness and enlightenment have something in common: being in the present moment with an open heart, and not having a problem with it. Being with “what is” and not judging it, not resisting it, but being with it – one with an open-hearted perspective, not an intellectual posturing.

 - Excerpted from “The H Word,” a meditation on the pursuit of happiness by the author of You Are What You Love








What is reiki?

Read master Marlene Satter on the ultimate self-help tool


What is a mystic?

People who have freed themselves of internal conflict


What do they mean by the phrase, “non-duality”?

Scholar and healer Smadar de Lange defines the term






 sclogo.gif   Today’s LOVE SCROLL:



I believe that the fundamental purpose of the “life force” is the
evolution of consciousness. From the moment life began (and probably
before, but that’s another discussion) there has been an energy that
has “pushed” towards greater and greater awareness. First awareness of
“self”, then awareness of self in relation to “otherness” – first
reactive, then responsive and intentional. Then, awareness of self in
“connectedness” to “other,” not only in physical and social
interdependence but ultimately in spiritual awareness of oneness — what
the Apostle Paul expressed as “The Body of Christ,” or Ralph Waldo
Emerson and Meyer Baba called the “over-soul”. The second “commandment”
Jesus quoted from the Torah – “Love your neighbor as yourself” – really
means to recognize and love your neighbor because your neighbor is
yourself. - David Rickey