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March 17, 2009: The Great Peace Bed-In

cyndi smilingsmall.jpgHi! Cyndi here, bringing your weekly Soul’s Code Wire! This week our articles run the spiritual spectrum: we give you a laugh with “Gross: the great unifier of the human collective”; ask you to think about what YOU can do to aid peace (“The Great Peace Bed-In”)…and wonder if it’s time to rethink those long abandoned New Year’s resolutions (“Science and spirituality meet dieting”). And we all catch a ride on some sweet Spiritual Surf along the way!

What I’ve realized is that “gross” is the great uniting factor for human kind. At the end of the day, we are six billion runny noses, and six billion rumbling stomachs. Read Gross!: The Great Unifier

The Dalai Lama warned that Tibetan culture faces extinction and that authoritarian rule has made life in the Himalayan nation “hell on earth.” Read Spiritual Surf

john and yokosmall.jpgHave you ever really thought about what you can do for peace today?   My pledge: take a day off between March 25th and March 31st and just lie in bed.

Read the The Great Peace Bed-In

Here is the freshest “long-form” intelligence about taking charge of your health; wellness of self and planet; and conscious cooking and eating.

Read Spirituality and science meet dieting

Remember…”Everyone is a guru”…especially St. Paddy!

Your Soul’s Code Team in action…

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