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June 16, 2008: Obama’s Astrology Chart and Malcom Gladwell’s latest






Our resident astrologer does a post-primary reading on Barack Obama.

His chart: “Grace in a Cracked Vessel”

Choosing a president is embarrassingly similar to courting a mate. In
the initial stages, the temptation is to disqualify, or idealize. The
astrologer’s job is to help you find the middle path. As passionately
supportive as I am of Barak Obama, when I stare at the symbolic map of
his psyche and consider his unique blessings and blind spots, I am
sobered. He — like all of us — is a cracked vessel.

- Read the rest of the 411 on Barack’s chart




Are your New Yorker magazines piling up? Malcolm Gladwell just took a stab at the science of innovation . . .

Here, David Rickey nails the connection between creativity and spirituality

Inspiration derives from the word, spirit.
Malcolm Gladwell’s recent profile of Nathan Myhrvold in The New YorkerIn the Air, Who says big ideas are rare?
describes a number of instances where two or more people develop almost
identical ideas or inventions pretty much simultaneously.

My immediate reaction is that this is evidence for what is called “non-local mind” or “non-local intelligence.” What seems to be “happening”
in my apparently personal mind isn’t really occurring there but,
rather, in a “Mind” that is a property of the universe. My mind is more
like a receptor that is participating in “Mind”.

Consciousness extends beyond my own brain . . . When I transcend my ego for a time, tap into the great mind-field of
intelligence to gather insights, then let my ego again process those
insights into specific solutions to the issues at hand or create a work
of art that has my unique stamp on it, then I have done my part to
contribute to the whole.

 - Excerpted from, What
is the origin of inspiration and invention? DAVID RICKEY channels the science of spirituality




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What I’ve come to learn from those whom I’ve loved, and have died, is
that what is truly Priceless is an essence that animates each of us —
and which I still know in those whom I’ve “lost.”
I remember when my young daughter was dying of cancer. She lost all of her hair to chemo at age four. 

In 2004, my husband also died of cancer — multiple myeloma. I became
a caregiver for the second time in my life. I railed against
circumstance for the four years that he fought to stay alive . . . When he died, I discovered that his essence remains, in all of its priceless wonder. 


You probably have your own memories of someone who has gone on. Let it
be that way. Fighting it will never resolve your own knowing. And that knowing itself is priceless. The realunreal never was.
can never be taken from us. The
Choose to love yourself, and then you love the universe as well. If you
choose to love the universe, you will be leaving yourself out. This is
a conundrum that thought itself can never solve. Let something higher
show you how powerful loving yourself can be.