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December 30, 2008: New Years Hope






New year, old worries?   Two wise men tell us why 2009 represents one of the most hopeful times ever. 

David Richo and David Rickey, contrary to popular belief, are not, in fact, the same person :) But they have a couple of things in common: both are spiritual teachers on the California coast; each went through the priesthood; and both draw on a training in psychotherapy and the work of Carl Jung:

Religion and Hope: A New Year’s confidential from David Richo

Annual planting among ancient peoples began with prayer that recalled
how the gods performed this same task at the beginning of time.

human lifecycle, thus, became a repetition of a primal religious event.
Whatever happens every year becomes a promise in perpetuity, and thereby
the phases of life and the seasons fit into a spiritual framework. 
Repetition and participation give humans roots: “I am real because I am
part of something.”

Psychologically, we all have a need to trust that we are supported
by powers that resemble us, nurture us in our life pursuits, and
understand us compassionately.

Our modern egos may balk at this. They often drive us to want autonomy and independence at the cost of connection.

A spiritually-aware religion provides a platform, a framework in which
to understand the world and ourselves. When crisis hits . . .
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DAVID RICKEY: A time for Resolve, not resolutions  

Hope is living in uncertainty with certainty.
It is the willingness to act in faith/trust without having any sense of
outcome. It therefore requires both a submission to uncertainty and the
resolve to dedicate your life to hopeful action, what Christians
traditionally call a leap of faith.

We can take action, first internally then out in the world to
create the future we want. However we cannot claim to know where our
actions will take us, or what the results will be. We have to submit to
the larger intellegence that lies at our very core, that will take all
our skills, indeed all our wills, and use them beyond our own
intentions and desires.

More on How to put hope into action, using Gandhi, Václav Havel, Goenawan Mohamad and others as your guides



   A New Year’s smile

The governor of Illinois has a name that’s
impossible to say, and even harder to spell. What we
are clear about is that he really likes to cuss on tape.

Now he has dumped on Obama’s political honeymoon and done it from a great height.

So we feel obliged to finally acknowledge the Top 10 Differences between Barack Obama and the Messiah:

A Barack vs. Jesus smackdown


A Relationship Toolkit

In a stressed, and stressing world, our relationships are the crucible where emotional pain often flares first.

Here are four case studies about communication and relationships before you’re caught in the middle of a meltdown

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