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April 5, 2009: “Losing a pet; Losing a job — plus, LOST the TV show”


pink flowers.jpgApril the cruelest month? It only seems like it in this economy.

So we start by sharing Ronda LaRue’s 5 spiritual steps for dealing with job loss:

What does one dedicated to a soulful life do in the days following a layoff, or the termination of a job?

How does one survive, find hope, stand strong, and create new opportunity? How can one dare to meet life in a new way to stay open and not cave in?

As someone who never intended to become sought out as a teacher, but
rather, as one who has lived and walked through the devastation of life
crisis and its very real de-footing, I am humbled and in awe at what I
have discovered about life at its deepest core . . . and of
what is required when fear stalks close and looms large.

The paralyzing waves of fear are very real in the moment of shock.
Yet if you succumb solely to its voice, you will remain imprisoned —
merely applying yet another band-aid to what is an opportunity to mine
your deeper soul’s gold (or soul’s code as this web site calls our true
Read the full story . .

boy and dogsmall.jpgGRIEVING A COMPANION: Saying goodbye to another being is never easy, especially when he or she is a pet who has given you unconditional love.  Animal expert Karen Anderson shows you how to let go …

PRESENCE IN THE RAT RACE: Dwelling in calm and present-mind while living in a monastery? How hard is that ?! :) Nick Ralls explains how he works to achieve a less-stressed mind while living in the “rat race.”  Read Nick’s first-person experience

SPIRITUALLY SPEAKING: Does spiritual code-language put you off?  Tim Taylor went to Wharton,
became a CFO, and then “went” spiritual. He’s still learning the lingo. Here is the sometime-standup-comedian’s riff …

Everyone’s a Guru!

New on Soul’s Code

SPIRITUAL SURF columnist, Michael Mattis, takes on Tony Robbins and finds more evidence why LOST is the most mystical show on TV.


WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING: Lucid dreaming is a technical term that means you are aware of being in a dream, while you are sleeping. Lucid dreams can also be a tool for expanding your consciousness.

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