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How to create spiritual love scenes

I makenamaste” my daily mantra for all of my relationships

handsheartGUEST COLUMN: REV. CRISS ITTERMANN, 2nd of two parts —The Sanskrit term “Namasté” (nah-mahs-tay) is loosely translated to mean  “I honor the Spirit in you.”  It is a word for the feeling of our Higher Self greeting or recognizing the Higher Self of another.

It is recognizing the divinity in others, the connection between all things, the reflection of our own sacredness when we see the sacredness of another.  I suggest using Namasté when you mean it, when you feel the connection with another person and are sourced in your own sacredness.

During this celebration of sacred and unconditional love, remember to be sourced in your own sacred higher powers, and to recognize that higher power in others.  Use this day as an opportunity to go out of your way to honestly say, “Namasté,” to everyone you greet.

When we honor the spirit in everyone we meet, we increase our own capacity to love and spread love unconditionally.  Love is one of those incredible commodities that grows the more you give it, so nurturing your capacity to love relies on finding more reasons to give love, and thus to feel loving.

Honoring your lover

The word “love” is a verb; love is an activity. To feel more love and have more love, perform loving acts.  It’s not about how much money you spend, or on whom you shower your gifts, but how much heart you put into your gifts.

Find ways to spend sacred time with your lover this week, and go out of your way to make it fun.  Read my scenario below and ask yourself, “How does this weigh against a dozen roses and dinner at a restaurant?”

dessertYou come home to a trail of notes around the house, giving cute instructions from your beloved.  These flirtatious notes lovingly lead you to the bathroom . . . where you find a new fluffy robe and slippers set out with a note asking you to shower before coming to the bedroom.  As you  enter your bedchamber, you find your beloved wearing a matching robe, reclining on the bed.

A picnic blanket drapes the bed, arrayed with trays of delicious finger foods. The lights are dim, the music soft, and you’re asked to recline comfortably on the bed.  Your lover spends time feeding you morsels of food, filling the air with laughter and talking about how much he or she honors you.

When dining is done, he or she offers a massage — a bottle of massage oil sits in warm water next to the bed.  You let yourself be carried away, pampered by your honey.

Give me an inexpensive and romantic evening where I’m the center of loving, sensual attention over flowers and expensive chocolates any day.  Bonus points if some of the finger foods include chocolate covered fruits.  If you’d like someone to do this for you some day, why not try doing this for your love?  And this sensual scenario is not just for Valentine’s Day.

Honoring yourself

self_loveWhy should you stop yourself from indulgence and sensual treats just because you’re alone for the evening?  You can still shower, wear a fluffy robe and slippers, treat yourself to delectable treats and chocolate-covered fruits, give yourself an oil body rub and carry yourself away in self-love for the evening.

You are the only lover you’re absolutely guaranteed to have for the rest of your life, so get to lovin’!  Self-love, self-stimulation, and masturbation do not need to be cold clinical “get the job done” affairs, no matter what your gender.

You can honor yourself with a list of what you love about you, ignite the senses, tease, turn-on, and fool around whether someone else is there or not.  Treat yourself the way you would either want to be treated, or you would want to treat another.

Four ways to celebrate sacred passion

1.  Start your day with a gratitude meditation or prayer.  Really reach out to the Sacred to give thanks until you feel your heart glowing fiercely with passion.  Once you reach that point, you can start to think of the people you love, and how grateful you are to have them in your life.

2.  Look for the commonality in yourself and others.  We all breathe, love, wonder, fear, eat.  Whether you can find that common thread or not, cultivate the understanding that we are all connected.

3.  Stay connected with Spirit all day.  Incorporate the greeting “Namasté” into the day, for the whole day.  Explain it to people who are not familiar with the concept and with the activity.  Truly feel it when you say it.

4.  Honor yourself or your lover.  Create a spontaneous in-home “spa-cation”, surprise treat, or fantasy-come-true.

Please pass the torch of burning desire on to others, and go out of your way to touch someone else with true love.  Together we can make this holiday of sacred and unconditional love a memorable and life-altering event for everyone we meet.

I honor the Spirit in you.  Namasté.

Read part one of this series: How to make Valentine’s a sacred day.criss2

Rev. Criss Ittermann, life coach, Shamanic practitioner, and Tantric healer is the creatrix of Loving Possibilities™ and Take Your Consciousness Higher™.

For seminars and articles, or to join her mailing list for free audio recordings and book excerpts visit: Liberated Life Coaching.

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  1. Great suggestions Criss. Thanks for thinking of those of us who don't have a partner on this day. It's often a difficult time for people who aren't in a relationship, or who aren't close to their family members. Thanks for inspiring me to have some fun on my own.

    Happy Valentines Day to you Criss.

  2. Thank you, Richard. My partner is voluntarily out of town today and my son is in the next room playing the same songs over and over again :) Part of my celebration this holiday is in sharing and touching people's lives. The rest will wait until he's asleep :) Be blessed.

  3. BEAUTIFUL article! It's a deep explanation of "namaste" ... Impressive!! Thanks for sharing!!! NAMASTE !!!xxx

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