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A non-pharma cure for headaches, allergies and other ills

A leading expert on diet and digestion has developed an agent that doesn’t require a prescription — and promises better results than a pill made by AstraZeneca or GlaxoSmithKline. The new enzyme therapy.

BY ELLEN CUTLER —  Do you remember how you felt as a child — healthy, happy, bursting with energy and full of enthusiasm?  As the years pass, many of us lose our connection with that effervescent spirit.

Our sleep no longer refreshes us, and we become resigned to feeling fatigued, stressed, and/or fuzzy-headed.  Next to depression and allergies, lack of energy is the third-most prevalent ailment among adult Americans, affecting 33 million people.

Half of the people who come to my California clinic show up because of exhaustion.  Some feel tired when they wake up.  Others experience a late afternoon energy slump that makes it hard for them to finish their workday.  Still others suffer from chronic fatigue throughout the day.

Fortunately, there is a way to recapture the vigor of your youth.  It’s called enzyme therapy, which treats the full spectrum of the human digestive process.

How imperfect digestion can rob your energy

People always ask me, “Why am I so tired when I shop at Whole Foods, and eat all the healthy stuff?”  Well, they may have healthy diets, but if the nutrients are not getting into their bodies, they won’t feel young and vital.

If your body has to struggle to break down and assimilate foods, healthy eating is a losing battle.  What’s more, when undigested food particles leak through the gut wall into the bloodstream, and the immune system further depletes your energy reserves by attacking these particles as “foreign invaders” — and tries to remove them from the body.

While the reasons for poor digestion vary from person to person — based on individual food choices, eating habits, and nutrient deficiencies — one solution that seems to work for most people is taking a digestive enzyme, just the way you pop a vitamin pill.

For a long time, the mainstream medical community argued that the body could not utilize digestive enzymes in supplement form because they could not survive the stomach’s acid conditions.   Although this may be true for enzymes from animal sources, the body can easily utilize enzyme supplements for the digestion of foods derived from plants and microbes.

Once my patients with poor digestion begin taking digestive enzymes, they finally experience the full benefit of the nutrients in their diets.  Invariably, they report that they feel more energetic than they have in years.  So if you feel as though you’re running on empty, consider whether poor digestion might be to blame.

What is a digestive enzyme?

Enzymes are essentially proteins that act as catalysts, and a “full spectrum” digestive enzyme includes substrates that aid in digesting all of the macro-nutrients we eat, from proteins and fats to carbohydrates and fiber.  This last group of enzymes, those that digest fiber, are a vegetarian’s best friend: they help release nutrients from fruits, vegetables and grains.

Taking a full spectrum, pH-balanced vegetarian digestive formula with every meal can do wonders for your energy levels.

And here’s a note to all of you foodies and would-be celebrity chefs: The act of cooking kills the enzymes naturally present in foods. So I hate to tell you this but the healthiest cuisine is the one with as many raw foods as possible.  So go raw and organic, whenever whenever possible.

Think of enzymes as nature’s “micro-miracles.” Enzyme therapy — along with eating nutritional whole foods, getting plenty of rest, and limiting stress — can increase your energy levels exponentially.

Ellen Cutler is the author of several books that details her groundbreaking research in enzyme therapy. Over the past 25 years, she has treated thousands of patients at her San Francisco Bay Area clinic. Food allergies and improper digestion can be attributed to a surprisingly wide-range of ailments, says Ellen, including excess weight gain, obesity, skin problems, chronic fatigue syndrome, immune disorders, asthma, and digestive diseases such as colitis. Nicknamed the ‘enzyme empress’, Ellen is the creator of the BioSET system of formulas.

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