Saturday, October 21st 2017

A Litany for Elizabeth

IN the name of the living and one true god, may Elizabeth’s soul be sanctified:

I just came back from the Funeral Home . . .

Everything was quiet and peaceful and unhurried. Tom Pierce, the funeral director, and I were together with your mother, and I included everything you had asked for, using as a basis the Prayers for a Vigil on page 465 of the American Book of Common Prayer, and ending with the Commendatory Prayer at the top of that page.

You continue in my prayers, as does your mother.



Cannon Michael Burgess, Anglican Church of the Transfiguration, Toronto


I’ve just come from the Funeral Home – you can rest assured that your mother has received the appropriate prayers and blessings.

I’ll be praying for you this coming week.


The Rev’d Susan Bell+

The Church of Saint Martin in the Fields, Toronto


I am so sorry, Paul. My deep condolences.

All the best,

Jeff Zeig

Milton Erickson Foundation, Phoeniz, AZ


Hello Paul, I am writing to again convey our sorrow about your mother’s death. Your mother was doing very well right up until the few moments before her death, and we were very hopeful about the prospect of her returning home. If there is anything that you would like to review in more detail, or if there is anything we can do to help you, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Please accept our heartfelt best wishes at what we anticipate will be a difficult time for you.

Dr. Edred Flak

Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto


I certainly join you in praying that her soul may rest in peace and that you may feel the deep peace of God’s love as you deal with her passing. Let’s talk soon.

With love, Whitney

The Rev’d Whitney W. Roberson

Associate Pastor

Grace Cathedral, San Francisco


May she rest in peace.
God bless her soul and your soul.
I am with you in your sorrow
and in your joy to come.

Sincerely, Michele Ritterman, Berkeley, CA


We hope she passed on peacefully. Our guides come to take us when it is time, a mystery decided by our soul, some kind of subconscious agreement. I think something happens to the human mental state of a person before they leave this plane — An induced calming . . . . . She is finally free of the prison the human body, mind and baggage . . . . . . We send you our love and hope you are surrounded by loving friends.Please let me know if you need anything, we are your family.

With love, Satu (neice, cousin), Mission, BC


Dear Paul,

I told the news about your mother to Jenni, Antti, my father and Eija.

You are in our thoughts here. We all send you our energies.

Mikko Mattila (Paul’s cousin) , Helsinki, Finland


I heard that your Mom passed away. I was very sorry to hear this. It must be extremely difficult for you, particularly because you are living and working so far away. I was reminiscing about the visit your parents took to Creston when I was in high school (or university). I recall your Mom really enjoying my Dad’s dogs. Mom was remembering her first meeting with your Mom when she and your Dad were dating. She said your Mom was an extraordinary beauty in her youth.

Sandy Nadler (Paul’s cousin) Budapest, Hungary


Life was her gift to you, from conception to childbirth.
Now her death is a sadness, but one that I pray ultimately lightens your life.

I’ll be thinking of you, especially at 11:00 AM (2:00 EDT) on Tuesday. I’m wishing for you presence, clarity and ease.

sanc·ti·fy (săngk’tə-fī’) 2. free somebody from sin, for example, by a ritual act of purification

…Encarta Dictionary

With warmest regards, much love and heartfelt condolences,

…Ed Niehaus, San Francisco, CA


Difficult to know what to say except that my thoughts and prayers will be with
you. Such a misfortune that she could not be happy. I hope in
whatever clarity we all get at the end, she understood what a fortune
she had in her son.

Warmest condolences, c

Chris Wood, Vancouver Island, British Colombia


I wanted to write as well and tell you how sorry we are for your loss. My parents and I enjoyed many good moments with your mom and she treated us so well. Just last fall we shared drinks at her apartment, and she gave us a grand tour of Suomi Koti and treated us to lunch downstairs. I know she was very proud of her family – of your father Mauno, and very much of you. I always found her very intelligent to talk with and thought of her like an aunt; I’ll miss her.

I’m truly sorry we can’t be at the funeral; I wish we were closer by. My thoughts and prayers will be with you….We’ll talk again soon.

With love, Heli, Narath & Suvi, In Vermont


We are so sorry Paul. Ours deep condolences.

We certainly join you in praying that her soul may rest in peace and that you may feel the deep peace of God’s love as you deal with her passining.

– With love, Jari & Eeva, Tim and Benjamin

Terve Paul !!

Otamme osaa sinun suureen suruun ja näihin ikäviin uutisiin.

Äitisi Elizabeth elämä oli välillä vaikeaa, mutta sinun lämmin ja hyvä huolenpito auttoi häntä pääsemään erittäin vaikeiden aikojen yli ja ohitse.

Olemme mukana jakamassa tätä sinun suurta suruasi, toivomme sinulle voimia näinä raskaina aikoina.

– Rakkaudella ystäväsi, Jari & Eeva, Tim ja Benjamin; TURKU, FINLAND


Upon hearing of the passing of Paul’s mother, Rev. James R. Acker (a
monk/priest under vows of 33 years in the Metaphysical tradition) wrote
a prayer angel document with details of place and time of his mother’s
passing and the cremation ceremonials and a request for assistance in
her transition to full consciousness in her astral energy body. Rev.
James meditated with this document during his midnight prayer
meditation vigil, and then sent it by email to his past home monastery
where the meditation hall has been continually occupied for over 33
years by a rotation of monks on 3-hour vigils day and night. Among
other duties, these monks tend a sacred angel communion flame that has
been kept alight for over 33 years—similar to the eternal flame at John
F. Kennedy’s memorial. The document Rev. James sent by email was
received by the monks who direct the meditation/worship hall
ceremonials on Wednesday, June 20th, printed and incorporated into the
9am daily worship ceremonies. At about 9:30am the prayer document for
Paul’s mother was burned in the angel communion flame—a process that in
a highly charged sacred environment translates the physical form of the
document fully into its astral duplicate on the higher planes, in to
the environs of advanced astral people who are charged to and highly
adept in assisting with all circumstances of prayer. An analog of this
process on Earth is fax transmittal. The document, then concretized in
the astral world, is immediately passed on to the most qualified and
closest astral people to Paul’s mother.

Rev. James Acker


Everything went well at the cemetery. There were about 25 people at the chapel and I read your greeting there before the actual service. After the committal service we went to Suomi Eesti Maja, and there we also had a short memorial gathering (muistohetki). Margaret and Viola Filipic shared some memories of your mother and I spoke afew words, and then we had coffee and refreshments. There were also about 25
people. It was also a nice gathering. We sang a couple of hymns in Finnish (as well as we did at the Cemetery Chapel). Olavi Turpela was leading the singing.

So your mother’s ashes are now laid to their final resting place. May her soul also rest in peace in the good keeping of our Saviour and Lord.

Pastor Jouko Jyrkama

“With faith in Jesus Christ, we receive the body of our sister, Terttu Helmi Elizabeth, for cremation. Let us pray with confidence to God, the Giver of life, that he will raise her to perfection in the company of the Angels and Archangels.

“Deliver your servant, Elizabeth, from all evil, and set her free from every bond; that she may rest with your Saints, and all the company of heaven, in the eternal habitations; where with the Father and the Holy Spirit you live and reign, one God for ever and ever.”

- adapted from the “Reception of the Body,” page 466, Book of Common Prayer

“By your glorious Resurrection and Ascension, and by the Coming of the Holy Spirit, We beseech you to hear us, Lord Christ; That it may please you to deliver the soul of your servant Elizabeth from the power of evil, and from eternal death.”

“That it may please you mercifully to pardon all her sins.”

- adaptad from the Litany under “Ministration at the Time of Death”, page 463, Book of Common Prayer

“That it may please thee to grant Elizabeth and all the faithful departed eternal life and peace,

“That it may please thee to grant that in the fellowship of Francis, Claire and all the saints, she may attain to thy heavenly kingdom.”

- from “The Great Litany,” page 152, Book of Common Prayer