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Technically speaking, everyone around you is a projection

How to use the prism of trans-personal psychology to find yourself in the people and things you see around you every day

mirror1GUEST COLUMN: SUE FREEMAN When I come into contact with my authentic self, I discover my innermost critic, sage, child, lovestruck groupie and friend.

All these characters and more live within each of us, and represent an aspect of ourselves we either embrace or deny.

Then we go out into the world, come into contact with other people, develop or end relationships. We see in these people aspects we are drawn to or behaviors that repel us.

But in truth, we are seeing a mirror.  Other people’s actions reflect a version of ourselves.

We lose authentic contact with the world and our true purpose whenever we deny that all that is within us truly lives within other people.

If you feel brave, peer into your looking glass and ask yourself three questions

upset11.  What is it about the other person that reminds me of someone I know?

2.  What feelings are stirred up within me when I come into contact with this person?

3.  What actions or words do I want to express when these feelings come up?

Having patience during this exercise is key. You may not want to face or admit that whom they remind you of is your mother, sister, friend or even, yourself. All that is within you resides within them, including feelings of love, lust, hate, dislike, joy, happiness and confusion.

True, your feelings may vary in greater or lesser degree than that of another person, but denying that you have dark impulses is to deny a piece of yourself. It will impede your ability to self-actualize into what you are, and what you are destined to be.

How your ego can help with this process

egoYou need to let your ego or personality come forth to your defense, but don’t let it run your show.

My personal growth or practice is to pull out my sword or egoic behavior when it’s needed, then neatly place it back in its scabbard when my words have been delivered. Then I’m ready to resume a state of equanimity or peace.

On the other hand, it’s not healthy to be a passive doormat. I’ve been that and it’s not a pleasant state of ego reduction, rather, my own ego distortion that leads to a sense of martyrdom.

My personal pity party is a sad and lonely place to be and gets me stuck in the why — rather than the what — of my truth.

Step up to yourself and let no one, including you, darken your mirror with untruths.

See the bright light within you and you’ll see it in others, too.

sueSue Freeman is certified to administer the Bar-ON EQ-inventory, and coaches people to help them get where they need to be in their life. Sue is training to be a transpersonal psychotherapist with Transpersonal Canada.

Visit her site at One For Wellness.  Read Sue’s previous article for Soul’s Code: How to forgive the past, and learn to love again.

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  1. Thanks for the three questions to ask myself Sue. I'm going to try this exercise today and see what the results are.

  2. That's a wise suggestion!

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