Tuesday, August 22nd 2017

A book that changed my life: An Imperfect Offering

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BY KATY LEASK — Everyone should read this book. I’ll come out and say that loud and clear from the start. An Imperfect Offering is not a light read. Nor is it a pleasurable one, though there are moments of triumph and nobility against all odds that serve to both inspire and humble those who seek to better the world around them.

For those of us who thought ourselves well-informed about the world, we stand well-corrected as James Orbinski, past president of the humanitarian aid group Médicins Sans Frontières, leads us through a gripping memoir about the horror of war, the shocking indifference of many to the suffering of others, and a handful of people and organizations trying to do something about it.

In the end, through all the muck and sludge that human beings are capable of, Orbinski demonstrates that there is hope. Currently working with drug and treatment initiatives to address the needs of neglected populations around the world, Orbinski models humanitarianism as an active political voice without romanticizing or over-simplifying what needs to happen to evoke real and lasting change in the lives of those who have nothing but suffering.

An Imperfect Offering is shocking, compelling and candid. I found myself ashamed that I appreciated so little about world violence and its victims, and driven to learn more and speak out about it. As Orbinski says, “Ideas can be a profound force, more powerful than militaries or economies. Their power is rooted not in weapons or money, but in people acting in concert.”

Katy Leask is an educator from Southern Ontario, Canada. She dabbles in art, movement and the pursuit of good food and music.

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3 Comments on “A book that changed my life: An Imperfect Offering”

  1. I just ordered the book. From your description and the one on Amazon, it seems that Dr. Orbinski is sharing a personal witness to what true compassion looks like incarnated. One that we all could follow "if we chose" as he says. And non of us can claim inadequacy. Who is adequate? That is why the title is perfect. All of our "offerings" will be imperfect, but absolutely necessary none-the-less. Thank you for bringing this book to my (and our) attention.

  2. i started to read this book and found some of the info so shocking that it was hard for me to get thru it all...after reading your review i might try again! it is definitely not for the faint of heart!

  3. Beautiful work!

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