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A body-worker works his own body with somatic knowing

Call it self-pleasuring, call it masturbation, call it whatever you want. But is it “spiritual”?

edinredGUEST COLUMN: ED EHRGOTT — Coming to terms with my identity as a gay man in my early 20’s was the final reason for me to sever my connection to the Catholic Church; for many years, I had no spiritual identity or practice at all.

Raised Catholic, I vividly recall learning that sex and spirit were apparently two different things.

Spirit (which for many of us meant religion) was “good,” while sex was presented as something vile, and sometimes “evil.”

Spirituality was presented in the context of “proper behavior,” which usually meant not paying any attention to your body. In fact, it often meant denying any sexual feelings.

As time marched on I started to ask myself the “big” questions like, “Why am I here,” “What should I be doing with my life,” and “How do I connect to the larger universe?”

I started looking at different spiritual practices, but still was looked through the lens of religion. I learned to appreciate those beliefs, yet something didn’t resonate with me. For example, I see an image of Buddha and understand the significance and symbolism, but I wasn’t raised with this structure. I was raised Catholic, and  I needed a way to integrate what I was familiar with into my life.

Unfortunately most religious traditions have a similar perspective on sex; at best, it remains neutral on the subject. I needed a spiritual practice that united body and spirit. I was looking for a practice that honored my energies, including my sexual energy.

edmassage1About this same time I discovered the power of erotic trance states. Erotic trance states are that place where our raw, primal energies come to the forefront. In trance, the thoughts of the mind disappear into the background and the body intuitively takes over. Rather than trancing out, the focus is on trancing into your body.

This trance-like state is a way to experience being rather than thinking. My mind shuts off and my body simply feels pleasure and bliss through erotic energy. That’s when it hit me. Catholics teach that Jesus is God personified. He, therefore, had all the experiences of being human – including sexual experiences.

So, yes, I found God while deep in an erotic trance. This experience brought me closer to my belief in God and connected spirit and body.

This is only my experience, but I believe, no matter how you do it, linking spirit and body is a key to deeper sexual fulfillment. Our sexual energies exist at multiple levels: the physical level of the body sensations, the connection level of the person we’re with (or connection with ourselves), and a deeper, spiritual level that can be felt as a connection to our god, our higher power, or any representation of something bigger than us. To me, sex and spirit offers a way to integrate my expression of my god, my love, my connections, and my humanity. It is a path to express my true self.

So, what are some ways to explore this melding of sex and spirit? I begin with my intention. Is sex something to do because I’m bored? Is it an obligation?

ed21Mindful masturbation is an amazing way to explore my intention to be present and conscious while expressing my sexuality. I’ll begin by meditating and breathing. I notice how my physical body and my energetic body feel, and wake up my entire body through touch.

I acknowledge that my genitals exist . . . but don’t focus all my attention there. I let go, and follow my body where it wants to go. Mindful masturbation isn’t about getting to any particular place, but about enjoying the journey. I consciously play with the sexual energy, and am always amazed by where I go.

Check out Indecent Practices and Erotic Trance for a rich perspective on erotic trance.

Ed Ehrgott is living the life of his dreams after leaving the corporate world behind. He is a masseur and an erotic coach in San Francisco. Ed can be reached through his websites at Sacred Touch for Men and Sacred Touch School.

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  1. One of the practices I teach other lightworkers is the conscious use of their Life Force being merged with the Energy beams of Source, Mother God, Father God, The Beginning to clear ascension symptoms. So I am very clear that our physical sexual capability is a tool we incarnate with to remember who we BE.

  2. I acknowledge that my genitals exist . . . but don’t focus all my attention there. Okay I need to ponder that one for a while...

  3. Marianne Williamson wrote that "The reason people cry out Oh God! when they come is that it is truly when they see him." Being transported into the realm between here and there is a magical experience. I've been there, but not recently. I truly hope to correct that. How does one begin that conversation without attracting unwanted advances?

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