Monday, September 25th 2017

Born in Israel, a female mystic goes beyond 9/11

Love is the answer for transforming all pain into unconditional love

SMADAR DE LANGE — I meditate on this day on the worth of life. 9/11 is an exhibit of the way some in the body of humanity do not believe in the worth of individual human life.

It’s easy to call people like this “terrorists.” But let’s drill deeper into the thing in their value system that devalues. They believe that human lives do not have a meaning in their individuality, but only as a collective.

Belonging to a certain ethnicity, religion, nationality, geographical location is all that a human presence is to this group-think mentality.

In these times, it seems that we are on a pendulum between being a spark of dust to being it all  . . . the whole universe.

In any case, what I am, and what you are should not be labeled under one category.

It should not be labeled according to what causes separation between people.

For me, 9/11 is not an event in which I reflect on terrorism, but rather an event in which I reflect on what labeling and blind belief in ideas may cause.

I remember to be more authentic, and remember what it is to be a human.  We are part of an amazing entity that has so many possibilities of manifestations.  It is  true — love is the answer . . . not “being right”, not knowledge about enlightenment, but to truly be able to transform the pain into unconditional love.

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3 Comments on “Born in Israel, a female mystic goes beyond 9/11”

  1. your points are well taken s and fit in perfectly with e. tolle's views on the dangers of over identification with a specific "group."

    hell, saint john lennon riffed beautifully on this issue long before tolle with his song imagine :)

    what is interesting about 9/11 is that for once north americans were forced out of their cocoon and some came to the realization of what life is like for many people in the so called 3rd world and in war zones who face violence on a daily basis. some learned from this...some didn't...thanks for your insights!

  2. On this day, let us not sink into the heaviness, the sadness of the feeling of 'loss' created on this day several years ago.

    Let us not vibrate with the resonance of tragedy, but with that of potential.

    Let us not dream the loss forward ~ but dream our lives forward consciously,
    using this numerological portal to allow our hearts to sing our reverence for all of life forward into the world we are creating together.

    Let the numerology of the portal energies of 9 (completion and graduation) and 11 (a doorway or gateway) be uplifting and let us re-member ourselves, drawing toward us and being drawn toward that which uplifts, supports, nurtures, loves and cherishes all of LIFE.

    Allow that which is bubbling up to leave, to do just that! And let us re-member ourselves with our hearts and minds fully open!

  3. This nation will remain the land of the free
    only so long as it is the home of the brave.
    May we remember to walk in lOVE Not fear.

    Let Love in...
    Let Love Be YOU...
    Let Love be the reason for kindness...
    Let Love Be Non Judgmental...
    Let Love Heal...
    LET LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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