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graves-with-candlesA Scandinavian tradition on Christmas Eve is to illuminate the graves — and spirits — of departed loved ones with candles (left). We dedicate this series to those who have recently suffered the loss of a loved one — especially during the holiday season.

When others around you are in a partying mood, it’s the most glaring time to take a loss.

We share the following guidance for dealing with loss from first-hand experience, not from a distance. We felt called because of the striking synchronicity of so many recent deaths in the friends-and-family network of Soul’s Code itself.

The penultimate loss is a death in your immediate household — a being who lives with you, or whom you have lived with.

But these steps can also help those who are feeling down after a break-up, divorce, job loss — or even literally losing part of yourself due to surgery, illness or an accident.

We begin this series on a personal note . . .

By honoring these endings:

Charles Arnold Post, Elizabeth Kaihla, Thomas Caulfield, Frederick De Hart, John Traugott Engelbrecht

In the name of the living and one true Spirit, may their souls be sanctified and rest in eternal peace.

We also offer a prayer of loving kindness and healing to the living who remain, and to our friends Kelli and Anna who are recovering from surgery.

Please feel free to add your own prayers and petitions below . . .

Step 1: Taking Care of No. 1

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  1. I have been reading your site and have been able to draw comfort and hold thought from many of your words.

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