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2012: End of days, cosmic messenger or perhaps a higher calling?

“We are flying by the seat of our collective, cosmic pants around a relatively insignificant sun, that is in turn hurtling through the provincial backwaters of a massive galaxy, anchored by a hellishly ravenous black hole.”

GUEST COLUMN: H. C. Hummel — I was raised on a grape ranch in Northern California during the 1950’s in a fundamentalist Christian household. Like thousands of other kids, I went to vacation Bible school during the summer months, where I became well-versed in the doctrine of the Second Coming; that is, the belief that Jesus would literally and physically return, appearing in the sky one day, coming to rescue his followers and establish a thousand-year reign of peace on Earth. In the Christian context, this belief of the Second Coming is deeply-rooted in the biblical books of Daniel and John’s Revelation.

Growing up immersed in the intensity of this expectation made it hard for me to settle down and live the day-to-day. Jesus might come. Perhaps being exposed to a literalist interpretation of the Bible early on in my life made it easy to accept that the year 2012 may very well serve as a cosmic messenger, heralding earth-changing events. The Second Coming and the year 2012 are not dissimilar in the context of an earth-shattering event that may alter our planet and our perceptions or consensus reality.

earth-day-nite-hunter-poemThe Maya calendric system is a highly-refined and nuanced method of tracking time, which was sacred, fluid and cyclical, rather than linear and fixed. The system tracks days, cycles of days; years, cycles of years; and eras, or great cycles—also called worlds or suns.

The long count (one of three interconnected calendars) began on the first day of the present Great Cycle (fourth world) on Aug. 11, 3114 BCE, and will end on the winter solstice, Dec. 21, 2012. At this time, astronomically-speaking, our solar system, our sun and our planet will align with the center of our galaxy, the Milky Way. This alignment will not happen again for 26,000 years.

The modern Maya have precious little to say about what this date means. What we think of 2012 as Americans is a reflection of ourselves. I live in Ireland, where there is little attention paid to 2012, though I will be lining up with the rest of the great unwashed to see the wee movie “2012″ for a raucous, part-your-hair roller coaster ride.

Previous Worlds

I remember being taught in school that apocalyptic events just don’t happen anymore now that the solar system has ‘settled down.’ Asteroids and other inconveniences only happened to dinosaurs millions of years ago. So often we forget that we are indeed flying by the seat of our collective, cosmic pants around a relatively insignificant sun, that is in turn hurtling through ever-changing, uncharted neighborhoods in the provincial backwaters of a massive galaxy, anchored by a hellishly ravenous black hole.mayan_priests

In the last twenty years, scientific evidence of past cataclysmic events has mounted, like the dinosaur-slayer asteroid, Chicxulub, that struck 65 million years ago — or the meteorite, known as Phaeton/Typhon, which may have caused the Ice Age, and the nearby explosion of a supernova about 41,000 years ago, with its resultant mass extinction here on Earth.

The indigenous peoples of the Americas have little doubt as to what has gone before us and what happens next. For example, according to the Seneca and the Hopi, we are at the end of the fourth world of seven worlds of existence; the Maya and Aztec believed we are at the end of the fifth world. The point being, each previous world ended in apocalypse.

The overarching pattern is thus: each new world dawns with the intention of all living things co-existing in harmony. Slowly, it all sinks into greed, spiritual degeneration and domination of one race or group over another. We (humans) become such a nuisance and danger to other Earthlings and the planet that we are all but wiped away, again and again. Sound familiar?

I always believed that previous worlds, particularly the one before us, if they existed at all, must have evolved to as high, if not higher degree of knowledge and technology as our own. Both the Hopi and Seneca traditions claim that the third world saw a highly advanced civilization that used flying craft, magnetism (levitation and anti-gravity?), and built magnificent white cities, which ultimately sank into the sea. The Hindu tradition agrees. The Toltec tradition says that wayward sorcerers with immense powers had a hand in destroying the world. Perhaps this level of cultural development goes some way to explaining the sophistication of the Maya calendric system.

Altering Realities

Since we are contemplating catastrophic shifts in our physical environment, we might as well contemplate our individual realities, which can be radically and permanently altered as well; for example, by losing a loved one to a sudden death, a serious illness or through a national tragedy such as the brutal events of September 11, 2001. When our reality is deeply changed, we never see things in the same way again. We can never go back to the way it was.

Whatever your opinion may be of the 2012 enigma, and the changes and possibilities it trails behind it like stardust, we can all create a best-case scenario for ourselves. Perhaps the old-timers who survived the Great Depression and the World Wars had the wisest suggestion of all: do the very best you know how with what you have and be grateful for it.

We can live the very best lives we can now. We can walk gently on this wounded Earth. We can open our hearts and our minds. If we need someone to talk to about all this, we can talk to those of us (just like those above) who have narrowly escaped death, or are living in recovery from alcoholism and addiction, or have overcome abuse in any and all of its forms. All these folks know what it’s like to have their worlds shattered. They’ve had to reach way down deep. They know another way of being and of looking at things.

heidiH.C. is an American writer from the San Francisco Bay Area who now lives in the west of Ireland. She’s publishing her first book in 2010 about the quest of a heart in recovery. She lives with her partner, 3 cats, 3 dogs and a donkey.

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6 Comments on “2012: End of days, cosmic messenger or perhaps a higher calling?”

  1. Hi HC, I really enjoyed your informed and enlightened perspective on this overly hyped and media hijacked topic.It never ceases to amaze me how the idea of personal mortality and the fate of the planet as a whole, only seem to percolate into Starbucks public consciousness when Hollywood or the mainstream media focus awareness albeit briefly and often misguidedly on the topic. I whole-heartedly agree with your sentiment that whatever our given time span, life is a precious gift to be appreciated one day at a time:)
    Angus Mac Og

  2. I love this story on this site for so many reasons.

    You're a great writer!

    I learned a hell of a lot, and I trusted what you wrote. Not like some New Age gibberish. Your intelligence is so apparent, it imbues your words with trust.

    Thanks for giving us a perspective on the 2012 movie that A.O Scott can't reach in the New York Times, that David Denby can't reach in the New Yorker, or that Entertainment Weekly has failed to reach in its incessant coverage of this product. Thank you for giving us the root of the real goods.

  3. I loved your easy to read interesting peice and I learned a LOT!
    Ah Hollywood and the Hollywood poetry of rewriting history and a knack for betraying the future. (I am Scottish and still smarting from Braveheart!)
    HC you have a gift and I am proud to number you as one of, not so many, good kind and dear friends. To you, B and the furry crew
    Blessed be and dont put down the pen ;)

  4. I am finding myself wanting to read more! Amazing integration, perspective and information. A gift indeed.

  5. In this piece you have poetically woven personal, cultural, and planetary stories to create a new set of possibilities for engaging the 2012 question. Personally I've not paid much attention to what's been written or said about this movie; I seem to have had my fill of such. However, your insight into the ways that we are called to embrace the initiatory experiences that life brings in the forms of loss, oppression, and all manner of personal and collective limitations, helped me rethink my current state of despair about where we are and what we're doing here on this spinning ball.

    I'm happy that you've found the courage to bring your wise and eloquent voice forward!

  6. Thanks for this, H.C. this is a really well written article. With respect, please note that yYour comment, "The modern Maya have precious little to say about what this date means." is not correct, however.

    After a silence of over 527 years, in July 2009 the modern Maya chose to inform the world ~ and especially the westernised world ~ about what they have to say regarding the ancient Mayan predictions that relate to the few years either side of 2012, which theMaya call, "The End of Time".

    According to the modern Maya, this "End of Time" period began in 2007 and extends to around 2014 or 2015.

    One of many important points to note is the fact that the modern Maya are saying that any physical earth changing events that may happen in this period are unlikely to take place on the actual date of 21st December 2012.

    My intuition tells me that we are being given as much time as possible to sort ourselves out. This is not merely a physical cosmological event. It is a conscious event.

    The Maya and other indigenous peoples chose Drunvalo Melchizedek to be their spokesperson on this subject, and in July 2009 he produced a very succinct yet detailed video to share the viewpoint of the modern Maya with the world.

    The video basically explains that whatever physical events may lie in store for us as a planet, the bottom line is this:

    We inhabit a conscious universe. The planet itself is conscious, and whilst catastrophic changes are predicted, raising our consciousness as a species would have an extremely beneficial effect.

    Thus the more we can do to raise our own individual consciousness, and that of humanity as a whole, the better the future will be for all of us - whether a catastrophic event happens or not.

    Your conclusions, H.C are perfect.

    If ayone is interested, the video by Drunvalo Melchizedek is available on YouTube (in 14 parts)and I have also posted it on my own website at

    Should you visit my website to explore this further, you may find my recent blog entries on this topic to be of interest too.

    Love to all


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